Monday, October 5, 2009

Three "Fun Facts"

Tomorrow I will be in Omaha all day for meetings about..... CHRISTMAS! My absolute favorite time of year! Most people think I hate it because I work in what is called "Retail Hell" but I really, really love it! I have been working in a mall since I was 16, with the exception of four years in college when I waited tables instead (more money! Ha!), and I have always loved everything about the holiday season! Except for the year that the Christmas music in the mall didn't end until mid February. That got old!

I'm pretty new to this very seasoned team of store managers. Most of them have been with their stores for 5+ years, that is absolutely phenomenal! This was was actually one of the reasons I decided to stick with retail and go with this company as I was all set to go back to school for my Masters and a more secure industry. The closing of my previous employer had me really shook up! Most of the time in retail you have to bounce around to make any money at all, which is a major contributor to the turnover with most companies. Fortunately, this company takes very good care of it's employees and I don't plan on leaving for a long time! Knock on wood! :)

So my district manager wanted us all to submit three fun facts that nobody would know about us for a team building exercise. Here is what I submitted:

1. I hate the taste of Dr. Pepper, root beer and watermelon. Three things that everybody else seem to love!

2. I failed my drivers test when I was 16 because I hit a parking sign while I was trying to park (at the end of the test) which resulted in my failing the test. My 16 year old self was devastated.

3. I was pictured in the Enquirer when I was a few months old after winning a contest my mom submitted me in. (Don't know if I should have admitted that to my co-workers! Ha!) See picture below. Wasn't I cute?!

(Excuse the photo quality. The picture is from 1982 and didn't scan very well, plus it is backwards! But you get the basic idea...)

Know what I thought when I pulled this picture out just now? "So, that's my natural hair color!" Hahahha!

What are three fun facts about you?


Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

Aww those are fun!

Lets see, three fun facts about me, ummmm:

1. When I was a kid I HATED my red hair and wanted to be a blonde.

2. I am NOT a picky eater at all, I will eat pretty much anything

3. Every cell phone I've ever owned have been pink! Haha

Wow, that was harder than I thought it would be!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Fun! I love learning random facts about ppl!

My 3:

1. I pride myself on knowing lots and lots of song lyrics. I love singing along in the car.

2. But, if I pull up next to someone in traffic or at a stop light, I stop singing becuase I don't want to it to look like I am talking to myself.

3. I'm a huge fan of pink.

Sam said...

1. I memorize my friend's license plate numbers. I don't actually try to, but I just tend to glance at the plate and have it stuck in my head :)

2. When I was little, my family was in the airport and Chuck Berry was rushing by and knocked me down and didn't turn around to apologize. I don't remember this, but my parents have told me and this is why they do not like and won't listen to his music.

3. I went skydiving for the first time in New Zealand this past April. I can't wait to do it again!

Okay, I tried to think of the most random things!

Love the cute baby pic! :)

Lo said...

That's a really fun post. Three things about me:
1. I was left handed till I was three.
2. I love riding horses and have since I was 10.
3. I love trying to be artsy, but sometimes I'm really bad at it. :)

Your baby photo is cute!

Amber Tidd Murphy said...

Yay! I get to talk about myself!! :)

Here are three things about me that not everyone knows:

1. I once met Steven Tyler and thought he was Bon Jovi.

2. My wedding was over a year ago and my dress is still wadded up in a gift bag in the top of a closet.

3. I've never been on an airplane... because I am afraid to fly.

Amber Tidd Murphy said...
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Amber Tidd Murphy said...

Also... click on my name... there's an award waiting for you at musings of amber murphy. :)

Amber Tidd Murphy said...
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Amber Tidd Murphy said...
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Kelly said...

Oo this is fun:

1. I sometimes add things to my "To Do" list that I have already done so I can check it off.

2. In life, I've done basically NOTHING productive after 9 or 10pm and I've done more productive things than the average person before 6 am haha

3. On the same note as Amber, when I was little I used to want to spell my name differently- Kellie, Kelley, anything but Kelly- now I like my spelling but you know kids..

Lesli said...

1. I was voted the cutest girl in my second grade class & got to be the little princess at the homecoming game.

2. I have been a vegetarian since I was 6 years old, but initially I think it came about because I was a picky eater--and then it just stuck. I do not touch meat!

3. Every Halloween, I am always either a cat or a witch--I don't vary. I am a creature of habit.

P.S. I love Dr. Pepper!! And just remember, Cher did not pass her driving test the first time either in "Clueless"!


Sttacia said...

Well, even though I love Dr. Pepper and root beer, I did the SAME thing on my first driving test. I didn't try again for a year I was so horrified!

Okay, three things...

1. I spent a week with Steven Tyler (and Aerosmith)in Germany, and I was very aware that he was NOT Bon Jovi! :)

2. I have nine tattoos that are easily concealed so that they will never interfere with my "professional" work life.

3.I did a "fly wheel drop" in England even though I thought it would be repelling and it took a half hour for me to finally do it. If my husband had not video taped it, I would not believe it, because I don't remember the actual moments of dropping.