Sunday, February 27, 2011

Just a tiiiiiny bit apple obsessed.

I have wanted an iPhone for what feels like aaaages, and now I finally have one! Finally! ;)

Like a lot of things I do, I bought this on a whim today. My mom, sister and I were at breakfast this morning and they got to talking about the games they play on their Droids and at that point I had just had it!

I wanted to play Angry Birds, Words with Friends or Doodle Jump!

But, nooooo. I was a Blackberry user and couldn't get those fun games and apps. My contract wasn't up for a LONG time and I wasn't due for any upgrades so I had just planned on waiting... but, after breakfast this morning I couldn't wait any longer.

We headed straight to the mall to pay a visit to Verizon. My mom thought it was a little ridiculous (but now that she is playing Words with Friends with me she seems pretty happy!).

After talking with my friend Lesli about what she did, I realized that the way to go was to add another line to our contract for $10 a month and pay $199 for the iPhone. Seems a bit much, but I get a feeling I won't get sick of this phone after 6 months like I do every other phone!

I'm not extremely frugal with my money - I definitely have room to improve, but I don't make big purchases like this very often. And I don't randomly buy $100 fleece jackets right afterwards either...

Yeah, you read right. While walking through Scheels on our way to the parking lot I stopped in the North Face section. There was of those super soft jackets left that I had been eyeing for the past few weeks and I just couldn't resist... I bought it. It still has the tags on it so if I am still sick over my frivolous purchases this week I can return the jacket (something tells me I won't though... ).

I already have Words with Friends (username: AmberWDM) and Angry Birds. What other apps do I just HAVE to get for the iPhone?


Elizabeth Walker said...

I think to even out the games you should get some apps more info-y. For example, maybe something something to do with fashion, interior design, or advice? Also, I am sooooo jealous! I've wanted that phone for FOREVER! Hope you have fun with it!!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Oh fun! I am envious! I want an iPhone so bad. I will wait until I am eligible for my upgrade is May, though, which isn't too far off!!

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

Jealous! I really want an iPhone! My contract doesn't come up until NEXT April though. I think Eric might do the thing where he drops his bill down really low and then just gets an iPhone on top of it because his phone is really on the fritz!

Lesli said...

I am in love with my iPhone! I haven't added a lot of apps yet except for Facebook (not even Twitter!) and the Emojis for the cute smiley faces, etc. I plan to add Pandora music and some kind of calorie counter like I had on my BlackBerry. iPhone is sooo the way to go!

Kara said...

I don't have an iPhone! I thought about getting one, but went with an Android phone instead. I love it!

I have both Angry Birds and Words with Friends (karakins14). I also have Fruit Ninja! It's so addicting, but the version you pay for is a lot better than the free version, fyi!

p S h A o R t A o said...

I love words with friends! I just wish it didn't drain my phone battery so fast or I'd be using it more frequently.

Why not go for apps that has to do with things that you love? I have android on my (not i)phone so some apps I use are: Google Reader (so I can read blogs during my downtime away from the computer!), Amazon Kindle, Twitter, Yelp, etc.

Have fun with your new iPhone!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Yay!!! iheartradio is a good app. So is imdb for all those pesky times when you can't remember something about a movie!