Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Breaking the mold

It's Tuesday already? Hmph... well I thought about blogging on Saturday morning, then again on Sunday... and again yesterday. How did Tuesday get here? Mystery.... ;)

I have had a wonderful week so far, and a fantastic weekend. You see, my friend S and I are always complaining that we're still so young, yet we don't ever do anything "fun." We love to call ourselves LAME, because we pretty much are. We don't do much that doesn't involve sitting in a booth at a bar, drinking beer and listening to crappy music.

Seriously. We never do anything. Sometimes I get really frustrated. I understand that things cost money, but we're all young, responsible, child-less adults. We all have a disposable income that allows for a little fun and spontaneity, but we're never spontaneous.

S and I have decided that needs to change. Immediately. We're trying to push ourselves to do more fun and interesting things. We had been talking about sledding all winter which made me think about tubing at one of my favorite places as a kid.

Sleepy Hollow Sports Park.

Sleepy Hollow has a 15 story hill that is used for tubing, snow boarding, and skiing. This may not seem like a big deal (a 15 story hill that isn't steep at all) but in a place like Iowa where it's completely flat almost everywhere it IS a big deal! A fun deal! :)

We had a lot of fun tubing down this hill for a couple hours. Definitely brought me back to my childhood when my parents would bring us here a couple times during the winter. Plus, it cost less than $20 for two hours. Pretty cheap, if you ask me! :)

Earlier that day, I found out some great news that made me so excited I was jumping up and down in the sports store I was buying snow pants at... I found out that I had won an ARC of Jodi Picoult's newest book, Sing You Home that comes out March 1, from Jessica's blog A Booklover's Diary. I have been coveting this book for a year now. As soon as I heard Jodi talk about it at the signing for 2010's release, House Rules, I knew I would be impatient waiting for it. All she had to say was gay rights, and my ears perked right up and I knew it was gonna be gooooood (and controversial). Thank you, Jessica!

I will most likely do something with the ARC once I have finished reading it because I will by a finished copy for the signing in Minneapolis on March 11th. Not sure what I will do with it yet though. If I give it away it will probably be after March 1 or very close to it. I'm not sure if anyone would want an ARC of a book that is already released. Suggestions?

Have you done anything out of the ordinary lately? What is your group of friends like? Do you tend to do the same things over and over every weekend or do you get out and do fun stuff like winter sports?


Amber Tidd Murphy said...

Dude. You should hook me up with the ARC because a) my 30th birthday is March 2nd and b) now that I have a baby I HAVE no disposable income! Just sayin'.


Shoshanah said...

I think that hill looks like a lot of fun! Even if it may not be that high, I've never been down something that looks like that, and I think it looks like something out of a movie.

As the the ARC copy, I would still read one after the book is released. I've never actually read any of Jodi Picoult's books, and while I think I would enjoy reading her, I've just never gone out and bought one of her books. But of course, if I had one of her books in front of me to read, I would definitely read it!