Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What's going on in my world.

Ugh, it's 4pm and I'm ready for this day to be over.

My sister and I got in a huge fight this morning. It's extremely stupid and I know it's a misunderstanding between us both, but now we're not talking to each other. I tried to talk to her earlier and that just made it even worse. We're such opposite personalities that sometimes we majorly clash, and we're both super sensitive to boot. Ugly combination.

I'm still waiting on all my sub stuff to go through. For a school district that is in such a desperate need for subs they sure are taking a long time... :/

I've got a pretty light week for classes. There's not a lot that is due, which is good so I can take this time to maybe get a little ahead. I have a feeling that my schedule is going to get hectic pretty quick...

Friday I start my practicum for my Foundations of Education class. I'm working with a 2nd grade class here in West Des Moines. I'm going to be working in her room every Monday probably for the rest of the semester (if all goes well!). I'm just starting this Friday because we're both available. I'm a little nervous, but more excited! The Foundations class requires 40 hours to complete the practicum and 80 hours total for my entire program (there's another class that requires a practicum). 80 hours is what is required for the state of Iowa, but most other states require 100 so just to be safe I will probably try to hit the 100 hour mark. I don't plan on leaving Iowa, but you never know.

I am so ready to read Jodi Picoult's Sing You Home. I have been excited about it since last years book signing for House Rules! She brought up Sing You Home during her talk about House Rules and I knew it would probably be a book I would love.... it doesn't come out until March 1st and I'm already scouting out the booksellers that tend to put their books out a little early. Hopefully I get lucky!

What's going on in your world? Anything exciting happen this week?


P said...

Argh, I hate fighting with my sister. Luckily, since we don't live together anymore, we don't do it as often.

I don't have much planned for this week - hopefully see my boyfriend-type-person (I feel weird calling him boyfriend) once or twice because he's going to NYC for a week next wk but apart from that, just working and not much else. Enjoy your week!

Lesli said...

Hope you & your sis make up soon. I know you will! I mean, these family things tend to blow over after a while. It is hard to stay mad, don't you think? Ugh!! I HATE fighting!

I took today & tomorrow off with no specific reason or plans in mind. I just needed a couple of mental health days & it is so nice to stay home & hibernate when it is so cold with sub zero temps. Today I swear I did nothing except read & nap and watch TV and Facebook! Oh, well. Tonight I have to run to Target. Tomorrow night there is a work Happy Hour to look forward to and also tomorrow my new Louis Vuitton bag is being delivered!! I have been tracking it via UPS. Can't wait!


givinganythingbutup said...

FOR SURE do 100 hours! I could not feel more prepared for student teaching after I was a para for a year in a half in classrooms. The more experience the better- not just for your resume but even more so it gives you so much more insight on things that go on daily. You are going to be an amazing teacher and they will love you. Dont be nervous at all! I may have just cried after day 10 lol but I know I will still be excited to see my kids tomorrow.
Good luck!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I am sorry to hear about the fight with your sister :( That sucks. I hope you make up soon because having that hang over you sucks!

Good luck w/ your first day of the practicum!!

Mandy said...

Hope the conflict with your sister passes soon. I hope the sub stuff goes through quickly. My week has been crazy. I have some insane deadlines at work.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I hope they get your subbing stuff through soon!

Erin said...

Fighting with family is always a downer :( Hopefully you mend the fences soon! Your practicum sounds fun! I had some really great experiences with student teaching and pre-student teaching experiences through my university. You really get a sense of what life will be like IN THE CLASSROOM and htat is important!! Hope your subbing stuff gets situated soon so you can get out there and have fun with the kiddies :)

Amber Tidd Murphy said...

I'm catching up on blogs today, so I'm late commenting. I hope that means you've already patched things up with your sis! Also, right before I read your post I saw that you WON a copy of SING ME HOME on another blog... and then I came here and saw how excited you were to read it. So, that worked out well! Congrats on winning!