Tuesday, January 14, 2014

FitBit and Workout stats for last week

My FitBit stats for the week: 

Total steps: 92,610
Total distance: 38.90 miles

Total calories burned: 17,804
Calories in vs. calories out: +778
Weight change: Haven't weighed myself yet
Avg. sleep duration: 7hr38min. I know this slightly inaccurate though because two nights the FitBit did not take data (I must not have turned it on right), but my sleep was within an hour of this. 

I realized last week it would probably be interesting to see how many steps I took each day, since that is the point of the FitBit! My daily goal is 10,000 steps which roughly equals 5 miles and is the recommended amount of walking we should do each day. At first, I thought 10k steps would happen easily. I have quickly learned that 10,000 steps is not going to happen by accident. I think spring/summer will be a different story, but for now, since we are mostly bound to the indoors with the frigid temps getting that many steps really requires focus and awareness. No wonder we pack on the pounds in the winter...

Here are my daily steps and how I moved:

Monday: 10,414 steps, 3 mile treadmill, 20 minute elliptical
Tuesday: 10,940 steps, 3 mile treadmill, 20 minute elliptical
Wednesday: 16,679 steps, 2 mile treadmill run/walk, 60 minute Zumba class
Thursday:  21,662 steps, 3.5 mile treadmill run/walk, 60 minute Zumba class
Friday:12,543 steps, 60 minute Zumba "happy hour" class
Saturday:11,081 steps, 3 mile treadmill, 20 minute elliptical
Sunday: 9,253 steps, 2 mile treadmill, 10 minute elliptical

Clearly Zumba is my thing right now! At my gym January is a big month for Zumba. The American Heart Association is sponsoring a Zumbathon next Saturday, there are lots of Friday "happy hour" events and there just seems to be a lot extra in regards to Zumba this month. Fine by me! It's fun and really burns the calories! 

However, I have to step it up and do some more strength training. Like, now. My dress really shows off my back, shoulders and arms (as most dresses do) and I need to get those areas under control because they're pretty flabby right now! Somehow I will fit some Bodypump into that schedule...

Last week I started getting up between 4:30 and 5am to hit the gym for a quick 30-45 minute sweat sesh, and I have noticed that on those days I burn way more calories. Even if I skip the morning workout and do the exact same thing at night, I will not burn as many calories as I did on the days that I did the activity in the morning. It is definitely some major motivation to get my butt out of bed and onto the treadmill.

Speaking of the treadmill... I CANNOT wait for nice weather. I want to run outside so bad. The treadmill is only good for the reading time I get in. Other than that, I hate it. And, no, I do not know how I read on the treadmill. I just do. Probably because I run pretty slow. I set the treadmill at a 5-5.5 mile pace. 

So far this week things have been going well. I worked out morning and night Monday. Tuesday I worked out in the morning, but had dinner with a friend in the evening so didn't get back to the gym. On deck for Wednesday is a possible spin class and Zumba at 4:30.

Someone please get on me and make me lift some weights. I cannot keep living this cardio crazed schedule. As much as I would like to... ;)

How are your workouts going? What kind of strength training do you do and how much per week?


Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

I really like those Fit Bits. My brother's girlfriend got one and realized she walks 5-7 miles a day at work! I would likely walk more like .5, as I sit at a desk ALL day! Ug. It is really nice (and sometimes a bit hard) to get an accurate reading of what our activity levels are. You are doing a great job keeping up with the goal! I am not a huge strength training person, but I do like a nice Vinyasa flow yoga, where you are gaining strength due to holding up your own body weight.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Wow, you are fitting so many work outs - that is so awesome! I am with Kyria and barely walk during the day since I am at my desk all the time and don't leave for lunch!

My workouts are going ok. I am getting a little frustrated by my limitations from my RA so wish there were more things I could do, but oh well. I do not do any strength training right now because my upper body just can't handle any weights. I do some core work but that is about it which is super lame, but oh well. I would love to do body pump so hopefully my joints get better soon so I can.

Lesli said...

Hi, Amber! I know you love Zumba. My dance studio where I do Zumba also offers a Zumba toning class--where we do Zumba with weights! It is my favorite! Maybe you could do something like that. And barre burn--we always do weights at the end for our arms. :-)

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

There is a Zumba toning class offered near me, perhaps you can find one of those? I need to get working out more and I think I need to make getting new shoes a priority for this weekend so my feet stop hurting!