Sunday, October 2, 2011

We've got a winner!

Crap. How is it October 2nd already?

Am I going to say something along those lines every day in October? Probably.

Gosh, I'm turning into such an old person.

Anyway... yesterday we headed up to our old stomping grounds: Ames, Iowa to tailgate for our beloved Cyclones! Despite getting out butts kicked by Texas we still had a blast and I had so much fun! I have about a bajillion pictures (yes, a bajillion), so get ready for a very picture heavy post this week!

But, first I have some business to take care of. Giveaway business!!

Wanna know who the winner is?! Using the extremely scientific method of we have determined our winner...

It's Lisa, from Lisa's Yarns! Congratulations!

I'm so excited to send her some banned books! Lisa chose A Wrinkle in Time and she get's to pick one more between Catcher in the Rye, Go Ask Alice and The Hunger Games!

This was definitely fun and I cannot wait to do another giveaway sometime!

How'd your team do this weekend? Hopefully better than us! We got killed! :(


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Woo hoo! So fun to win! Don't worry about mailing them to me - I can get them from you in November. :) For my 2nd book, I will pick the Catcher in the Rye.

I have no team. ;) I am so not a sports person. Ha.

Lesli said...

Congrats, Lisa!! How did I mis this contest?

Lesli said...

Um, miss!

Stephany said...

I have had a BAD weekend football-wise. My South Florida Bulls got killed on Thursday night and then my Dolphins got killed today. Sigh.

Jenn said...

Fun blog~I'm new to this, so hello! :)