Friday, October 28, 2011

This week, bullet style.

Well, I accidentally took a three day break. I had no choice. This week was insane. Excuse my absence, please. ;)

Here are the deets. (cause I'm so exciting, yeah right):
  • I subbed four days this week - the most I have worked so far this semester. This week I was an art teacher, a science teacher, a language arts teacher and a special ed teacher.
  • I also worked with a regular client of mine two nights (we usually only work one night a week) and I am now her regular staff. I hope I can continue to make it work. I'm usually only "on-call" staff because my schedule is changing every few months. She's flexible so I think she will be able to change her schedule with me.
  • On Tuesday I had to break up the first physical fight in a classroom under my watch. It was terrifying. I hope to never have to say again, "Stop choking him!" (seriously, wtf?) I'm still a little concerned about what I am supposed to do when that happens, but honestly? Instinct really takes over. I know you're not supposed to "touch the kids" but seriously? How can you let them just fight?
  • I'm working at the non-profit 37 hours. 31 of those hours are between Saturday and Sunday alone. Yep, I wasn't paying attention and said yes to the WORST shift in the world. I will be working with three clients this weekend on Saturday from 8am-1pm, then Saturday at 8pm-Sunday at 10:30pm. Yes, you read that right. I will be spending basically the entire weekend with these three guys. Goodbye, Halloween plans.
  • We had Books 'n Bars this week and it went awesome! I was really nervous about leading this discussion because a. I didn't necessarily like the book and b. we had some new people RSVP'd to attend. It went great though!
  • This week was also when we had to run the mile and do the fitness test in my PE Methods class. The first time we ran the mile was 8 weeks ago and it took me 13:07 to get done. This week I ran it in 12:07. I am really, really happy with that! I know I should be proud of shaving a minute off my time. I know I can do better though, so I'm excited to see the stats in another month or two.
  • I met with my advisor and planned my schedule for next semester. Oy. I'm taking 18 credits (I am possibly insane). I'm excited about the classes though. For my middle school endorsement I get to take lots of content area classes - like American history and government and Literature. I'm silly excited for that! (If you think there might be something wrong with me, you are probably right).
  • Tonight I am going to a ballet about Dracula at a local high school (my high school, actually!) and I'm really excited - and extremely curious.
  • I got the cutest scarf from Emily for the Scarf Swap that Angela hosted! I'm planning on posting about it soon, but in the meantime I just wanted to thank Emily for being my partner and Angela for hosting!
So, that is what's up with me this week. What's up with you? Good week? Bad week? So-so? Tell me in the comments!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Oh my goodness, you are working a ton of hours, lady! Make sure you take care of yourself or you are going to end up like me, sick as a dog!!

That is scary about breaking up a fight... Yikes.. I hope you don't encounter more of those!!

Have a great weekend - sounds like it will be crazy busy for you. My week was tough since I was so sick, so I ended up clearing my weekend so I could rest up and get back to 100%.

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

Wow that is an insane week! Scary about breaking up the fight!! I only saw one really bad fight during all my years of school and it happened in grade FIVE of all grades. One kid literally dove across three desks and started choking another kid!

Kara said...

I can't imagine breaking up a fight between kids! I always feel bad for substitute teachers because students always act their worst around them, or at least the kids in my high school did! One student once picked up a desk and almost threw it at the teacher. Scary!

My week seems like it was crazy busy, but I think you win!

Stephany said...

What a crazy week you've had! That fight sounds so scary and you're right, it's all about instinct from then on.

pinkflipflops said...

it's been a busy week.. hustling myself and isla around so i coudl run 3 times this week, going tolistentoa kiddo music thing and working. im zonked.