Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ten on Tuesday!

First off, I need some help. I am working on a PSA for my Ed Tech class and I am doing it on Adopting a shelter dog or cat. Things are going splendidly but I am having an awful time finding that perfect song to put it to. The entire video will be to a song, not a script. I don't want to make people cry, like the Sarah McLaughlin PSA. I want something appropriate and just the right blend of sad but happy. Make sense? No? I know. If you have suggestions I will love you forever!

Without further ado here's another great set of questions for Ten on Tuesday!

1. How many blogs do you read every day and what are they? (I’m talking the ones you NEVER miss)
I read a lot everyday... At least I think it's a lot. There's at least 100 blogs I subscribe to in my reader but here are a few that I read as soon as I see a new one pop up...
Whew! Linking all those was some work... so go show those fabulous ladies some lovin'! :)

2. How many “best friends” do you have? Do you have different “besties” for different areas of your life?
Sort of... I have my four best friends that I met my freshman year of college. We've all been friends now for 10 years or more and consider ourselves a pretty tight group. Growing up I had one best friend that lives far away now, but we still call each other our BFF's. We don't talk near as much as we used to and our lives are so incredibly different, but we still love each other of course!

3. What’s your daily make up routine?
concealer, primer, foundation, blush, a little more concealer on trouble areas, eyeliner, eyelash curler, mascara, lipgloss/lipstick. Total : 10 minutes or less.

4. What is your ideal girl’s night?
Sushi dinner with martinis or wine then a night out to a chill bar for lots of girl talk!

5. Do you keep up with your nails/toenails or are they au natural?
I keep up with my nails, but they're not always painted. I just make sure they're buffed and filed and I'm usually good to go. My toes I am terrible at. I hate painting my toes.

6. What’s your best roommate story (assuming you had a roommate at some point in your life)?
My freshman year I moved into the dorms with a girl from high school whom I was close with because of cheerleading and soccer. She decided she hated dorm life and moved out over Christmas break - without telling me. When my parents when to drop me off she had taken everything home, including the carpet! The small fridge we had was gone and all my food that was in there (including milk, oops) was rotting on the floor. It was gross. I heard through the grapevine later that she moved out because she hated living in the dorms and I had partied too much with new friends, sparking a rumor that I had dropped out. Funny thing is... uhh, I graduated in four years. Did she? I'll let you take a guess at that... I haven't spoken with her since, but we are Facebook friends (of course, lol).

7. What’s your “go to” outfit that you wear more than anything else?
Jeans, a sweater and boots. Simple and comfy.

8. Do you have a beauty secret?
Washing my face each. and. every. night. I swear by it. In fact, I stupidly passed out Friday and Saturday night without doing so and... dun, dun, duuuuuun! I'm sporting two hideous zits.

9. Did you read Seventeen magazine growing up?
Of course!

10. How did you learn to put on makeup?
My mom. Makeup was not forbidden... in fact, it was encouraged. I can remember being in middle school and my mom telling me I needed some blush and mascara. LOL!


Ashley said...

I swear by washing my face every night too! If I forgot and fall asleep I ALWAYS wake up with a new zit. It's awful!

marisol said...

How about Coldplay's Fix You?

Lesli said...

Thanks for including my blog as a must read! I love reading your 10 on Tuesday. Hmmmm....as for a song, mine is super silly because all i could think of is that ridiculous song, Who Let The Dogs Out--ha ha! Sorry! :-)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

So tough to come up with a song. This is cheesy, but "you've got a friend in me" by James Taylor would be cute... but not very serious, so prob not the right song!

I would love to go on your girls night. :) I am always up for yummy sushi! :)

Jamie said...

Thanks for being a faithful blog reader!

My makeup routine is quick and simple too!

Shoshanah said...

I can't believe she left all your food on the ground. How crazy! You think should could have at least called an let you know that all your food was just sitting out in the living room. And thanks for the blog love!!

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

I think it's great that you have a close-knit group of g/f's and you are all best friends. I have lots of different "best friends" but they are all from different parts of my life so not a GROUP of BFF's!

I have been really bad about washing my face every night before bed :S I used to be so good about it but lately not so much!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Aw, yay! I'm glad you love reading my blog! I know yours always makes me smile!! Have a great weekend lady! I'm sure I'll catch you on twitter!

d.a.r. said...

I am so grateful to have finally found a group of close knit girlfriends. I've never ever had that before!! It is such a blessing.

And thanks for always being such a sweet blog friend. I know I suck at commenting...I ALWAYS read, though!

And sushi & martinis?? We could be BFFs!

P said...

Thank you soooo much for the linky love! That has totally put a smile on my face. :)