Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Kids say the darndest things...

I have been substitute teaching and working on my practicum hours for the past couple months and I think it's safe to say I have... stories. Lots of them.

My practicum is in second grade and my substitute teaching license permits me to sub in middle and high school. Both age groups give me looooooots of stories and things to talk about with my friends and family. There is never a day that goes by that I don't want to burst out laughing at something one of the kids have said!

For example, a couple weeks ago we had some drama in the second grade. Drama, I tell you! For the sake of privacy, let's nickname these little sweethearts... we have little girl E and little boy S.

S decided he liked E and kissed her on the playground. E did not like that and she retaliated. During their second recess in the afternoon E drew a picture of S. This picture was... not so nice, and it was quite... naughty.

She drew a stick figure with a boy's private part. You can guess which private part that was.

When S saw it, you can guess he was pretty upset. Both of them came inside crying and very unhappy. The teacher pulled them both out into the hall to sort it out and made them apologize to each other. Here is how that conversation went...

Teacher: S, please apologize to E.

S: I am sorry.

Teacher: What are you sorry for?

S: I am sorry I kissed you.

Teacher: E, please apologize to S.

E: I am sorry.

Teacher: What are you sorry for?

E: I'm sorry I drew you with a weener.

Oh man, soooooo funny! I have been telling that story for weeks now! Stuff like this makes me love the second grade! They are so cute, so funny and, for the most, so eager to learn. I'm thinking I might need to turn this into a weekly feature because I have tons of stories I want to tell!!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Ha, that's awesome. I also love the things that come out of kids mouths. Do you read Kelly's blog (She wears red sox cap)? i love it when she shares stories from her kindergarten room! Hilarious.

GUAMtastic said...

Love it!!!! Too funny :)

Shannon said...

Oh how funny!!!!!!!!

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

HAHAHAHA! That is awesome. Kids are SO FUNNY and say the cutest things.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Haha!!! That conversation made me bust out laughing!

Lesli said...

this would be a great weekly feature--kids are so brutally honest! They don't know how to be anything but that!