Monday, January 17, 2011

Here come the Match stories....

A couple of you have commented on how you're excited for my stories... well, here goes!

I'm trying not to take anything too seriously. Is it just me or do single girls (including myself) see a guy and picture everything down the road. Like, picture the wedding, the kids, the house... everything! I try so hard not to and in trying not to I end up doing it. I feel like I'm crazy and I'm not trying to do it, it just happens!

Friday night I was out with my good friend and her husband. Her husband has become a really close friend of her friends (and I just love it!) and he loves to give us single ladies dating advice. Friday night he lectured me about this bad habit of mine. He says I take everything way too seriously, so my goal this time around is to NOT do that. To just go with the flow!

Well, I have been on too many times to count now. If you include, the first time in South Carolina, I have been on it a total of five separate occasions. Four of those times have been in my hometown. Well, there's this guy whom I am going to nickname SD, who emails me every time I am back on the site. It's usually just a joking email asking me if I was in a relationship and what happened. It's kind of funny. The first few times it happened I just assumed he was a player and just used Match to pick up the girls since he has been on there for so long. Then... I took a moment to step back and realized... umm, he could be thinking the same thing about me! I have been on and off it for almost four years now, maybe I'm the one that doesn't look serious!

Well, we have been emailing a little more than usual this past week and I'm just not sure what to think. He seems like a great guy, but I'm not sure if I'm attracted to him. Plus, he doesn't list what he does for a living on his page. I suppose I could ask...

Anyway, I like how this has started off jokingly and very much like friends. Hopefully it stays that way. Either way, I think he would be a great guy friend and I'm trying very hard to have little to no expectations. Another guy friend would be great, so for now that is my only expectation!

(Although, if it does work out, it would make a great story of how we met, don't ya think?)

How did you and your significant other meet? Do you have a fun story? Did you take it seriously at first, imagining the wedding, house...etc? For you single ladies, am I alone or do you daydream like I do?


Savanah said...

I met my current boyfriend almost 3 years ago on Match, so don't give up on it. I had a lot of bad dates before I met him. The only thing I did differently with him was talk to him online and through text for a long time before we actually met which I think helped us get to know each other better before we jumped in to things. Good luck girl!

Baily Jones said...

I tagged you in a blog award!


Molly said...

I have NEVER been the kind of girl (at least in past serious relationships) to envision the wedding, the house, the life with that person. maybe its because my last serious bf was when I was in college, but that just wasnt be. Now however I find myself doing that, and to be honest its freaking me out! Am I really getting that old!? haha The guy I have been "seeing" has a kid, so I guess that might be one reason why I seem to picture it more or wonder how everything will turn out. I need to not do that as much though, I think I am getting WAY too ahead of myself and will only be entirely too let down if it doesnt work out like I want it to. Take each day as it comes I guess :)

Erin said...

Oh.....good ol' Match :) One of the funniest stories my friend and I like to tell is how we put her on E-harmony and after she filled out the uber long questionnaire and they calculated her results it said: "You are not compatible with any matches within 5,000 miles." She was like "AM I THAT PICKY???" :)

Online dating can cover such a vast array of emotions---excitement, nervousness, annoyance, curiosity, disgust---LOL. I didn't meet my fiance online---but I do have many good friends who met their husbands online. They are some of the happiest couples I know :)

I applaud you for "getting out there"---and I encourage you to keep all your "stories"---I gathered so many during my dating years that my friends insist I MUST one day writing a book about all the mishaps and crazy things! :)

Sam said...

Yay for Match stories :) I fantasize about married life all the time, but not the wedding so much, since I'd prefer to elope or have a really small wedding.

Shannon said...

I met my husband at work. Yeah, don't ever date a co-worker unless you're ready to be serious and think it might actually work out. I can't imagine the drama if we'd broken up!

I think you should get to know the guy. I mean, it wouldn't hurt to actually meet him and see if there is a physical attraction. Maybe for Starbucks or ice cream?

P said...

I thought you were still seeing someone, so I must have missed something when my google reader got out of hand. I'm sure you'll find your special someone soon though!

I'm currently dating the guy from work I suddenly randomly developed a crush on about six months ago, but it's only officially been two wks. I don't really start thinking about futures or weddings or anything like that, I never really have. I find it hard to imagine that far ahead because I am soooo unlucky with guys!