Sunday, January 23, 2011

Beware: randomosity ahead!

Today was wonderful! Today was my 29th birthday and I'm embracing my last year in my 20s. Big sigh. It's a little sad! We started the day with church at 11am. My church is huge, if you're local, I go to Hope. I usually don't like big churches, but I just love Hope. It's so wonderful! My only complaint is the parking lot! They need people directing traffic in between services! Haha!

After church I met my parents at Chili's for lunch. I have loved that place since I worked there in college! I got the fajitas, which, I got for a reason. I knew I would have leftovers and I really wanted to try and make quesadillas with them for dinner on my new Griddler that I got for Christmas. I did, and they were delicious. Just like the quesadillas at Chili's! :)

After lunch I parted ways with my parents and headed out to run some errands. First up, the mall. I had to make an exchange at Aerie (love that store) and I wanted to run into Sephora to pick up a refill on my favorite Bare Minerals lip gloss and pick up my birthday gift from them! This month (does the gift change every month?) was Philosophy vanilla cake bubble bath/body wash. I was super impressed with the size of the bottle, but the scent was really weak.

After the mall I headed to Best Buy to look into buying a new camera and check out the prices on a remote start for my car. My parents got me a gift card to Best Buy so I could do one of these things, but I know I will end up doing both. I didn't end up buying today, as I am trying NOT to be an impulse buyer and I'm going to do my shopping around to get the best quality and deal on both.

After Best Buy I cleaned my car, it desperately needed it and I am a nerd and enjoy doing stuff like that. Then, I browsed at Half Price Books for a minute. Didn't find anything I had to have. After that I checked out TJ Maxx, but remembered why I don't like that place on the weekends. I would rather go when there was nobody there!

After that I headed home! Then a friend of mine stopped by to show me the car she's test driving for a few days. It's this huge GM Yukon! I cannot believe how big this thing is! It is so funny to see her driving it because she's so tiny and it's so big! It's beautiful though, it's a pearl white and loaded with everything you can think of. I don't want to know how much it is.... :/

I mentioned earlier that I am in the market for a new camera and that is because... I lost my camera. I don't know what happened to it. Last time I remember having it was two Fridays ago when I met some friends out for happy hour. The next morning I remember seeing my camera in my car in between the seat and thinking it must have fallen out of my purse. Now, I can't find it. Even when I cleaned out my car today, which I did in hopes of finding my camera wedged up underneath the seat or something. So.... I'm in the market for a new point and shoot. Any suggestions? A couple years ago I remember seeing a camera that had a screen on the front and the back so when you took pictures of yourself with friends you can see it. I can't find it anywhere though. Does anyone know what I am talking about? Or have any suggestions for a nice, quality, semi cheap point and shoot? (I'm willing to spend around $200-ish. Obvs, anything cheaper is good. But, I want it to last).

Lately, my skin has been rebelling on me. I have used Cetaphil moisturizing cream for about a year now and have loved it. But, lately my face is looking like a high school girls skin! At first I figured it was just normal and this stuff had to "work itself out of my skin" but I am beginning to doubt that. I started using a toner recently to see if that helped and it has, but my face feels so dry! So then I put moisturizer on and literally the next morning I have break outs. I'm going to switch to Oil of Olay, which is usually my summer moisturizer, and see what that does. Maybe the Cetaphil is just too heavy and clogging my pores.

What are your Sundays usually like? What daily skin regimen and products do you use? Do you have advice on a good point and shoot camera? Do you have a remote start on your car? If so, do you LOVE it?!

PS: I warned you. Randomosity. I know. You don't have to answer every question. But, if you do I will be your friend forever! ;) Haha, I'm in third grade...


Emmy said...

I just recently starting doing ANYTHING with my face (don't judge...) and cannot sing Clinique enough praises. While I strayed away from them for awhile due to issues with other products, their Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion as well as their Youth Surge (with SPF) are amazing. Love 'em!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Happy Birthday!! Sounds like a full/great day. Our bdays are just 2 weeks apart! I hope that the last year of your 20s is a great one for you!

I have not bought a camera since 2004. That's when I bought my digital camera. I am kind of shocked that it still works great. I have a Sony Cybershot.

For face products, I use a neutrogena lotion and vanicream cleanser, which is really cheap but recommended by dermatologists. But, my skin totally sucks right now, too... I hope someone suggests something that helps!

Heather said...

Happy Birthday!! Sounds like you had a really nice day!

d.a.r. said...

Happy happy birthday!!!

I am a big Neutrogena fan. I use their face wash, face scrub, make up remover, daily lotion and wrinkle cream :) It's affordable and does a great job, in my opinion.

Elle Sees said...

My bday was in oct & I got the same gift.
I just did a post on winter skin, so maybe that might help?
If you can go w.o moisturizer, do so. Or only use just in dry spots. I use Aveeno Positively Radiant.

Kelly said...

First off Happy Birthday and secondly how in the world am I just now finding your blog! After reading some of yours I feel like we were seperated at birth. I am a huge reader too. In fact I just got Is There Cake In Your Future from the library. I haven't started it yet. Is it any good? My skin was always clear in high school and then when I went to college it got worse. I still have more problems then I did as a teenager but not as many as in my early twenties. I look forward to reading more!

Sam said...

Happy Birthday! I am IN LOVE with my point and shoot... I have the Canon PowerShot SX110 IS and it takes AMAZING pictures! They've since updated the model, and it's around $200. Here's a link!

For my skin, I use Clearasil Ultra face wash both morning and night and Clean&Clear Acne Control moisturizer. I normally only put that on in the morning before I put on my makeup.

Sam said...

Oh, and I use Equate Facial Cleansing Towelettes before washing my face to get my makeup off :)

Shoshanah said...

First I know I'm a few days late, I hope you had a happy birthday!

For camera's I have a sony cybershot which I really like, and has lasted me about 6 years now. I think it might be time for me to upgrade! Especially since it's started making weird noises when I open the lens. Plus it doesn't have a macro ability which is something I definitely want on my new camera.

As for my daily skin regiment, I don't really have on. I have a bottle of cetafil that I use once or twice a week. But other than that I guess I've been lucky to have good, although somewhat dry, skin

P said...

Happy belated birthday Amber!

My Sundays are generally the laziest day of the week -unless I've been insane enough to do overtime, I embrace it as my "day of rest". Last Sunday I stayed in bed nearly all day and then drank wine. My skin routine is pretty random, which is probably why my skin is a mess right now. I tend to use some sort of medicated face scrub (at aged 31) if I remember, then always use Astral moisturiser.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

If you keep having problems with your skin, try the Acne Stress Control cream from Neutrogena for a few days. I used it and it cleared my skin right up!!
Happy Belated Birthday!!

Kelsey said...

Sundays: For sure my laziest day! Love laying around, watching TV, eating crap. :)

Skincare/Moisturizers: I'm a big fan lightweight moisturizers that don't leave skin feeling greasy. I'm a switcher-upper though and my top favs include: Murad Skin Perfecting Moisturizer, Mary Kay Timewise Age-fighting moisturizer, and Olay Sensitive Moisture Therapy lotion with Aloe.

Camera: Don't get a Nikon Coolpix. I got one for Christmas a year ago and it sucks. Blurry or grainy pics for no apparent reason. A friend of mine has the same problem with hers.

Car starter: I purchased an Astrostart remote starter for my car about 4 years ago from a Radio Shack. They talked me into the most expensive one and they installed it. I had problems with it immediately. The starter worked but they messed up the wiring with the rest of my car. My battery died on numerous occasions, my keys got locked in my car with my car running, trunk release no longer worked, lights being left on etc. (My car wouldn't lock with the keys in it & the lights automatically turned off prior to car starter). They replaced the starter blaming it on a "bad" one and most of the problems went away but the trunk release hasn't worked since. I do love having a warm car in the winter (especially having leather seats) but I definitely got the wrong one (and overpaid!) with all the issues it caused with my car! I hope you have better luck and get a good one.

Cute blog by the way! :) And hope you had a happy birthday! Enjoy your 29th year! :)