Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Breakfast and silly Valley girls

Yesterday on Twitter I was complaining about my endless appetite when I eat breakfast. Whenever I eat a "normal" breakfast, which to me, "normal" is anything more than a slice of bread. So, two slices of bread with peanut butter, a bowl of cereal with milk or a bowl of oatmeal mixed with yogurt. All of these are typical breakfasts for me.

I do not eat breakfast regularly. My schedule is not structured at all and some mornings I'm running around like a mad woman getting ready for the day. On those days, breakfast is the first thing to go. I always, always, always drink coffee (priorities?) but if I don't have time to eat, I don't really mind.

Well, on those days that I don't have time to eat, I have eaten less throughout the day and am not as hungry. I get it, I totally understand how metabolism works. I have a best friend that is a health and fitness freak and I have taken a couple nutrition classes in college. I get it. I totally understand that breakfast is important. Every time I have been on a diet I ate a sensible breakfast.... and I didn't lose weight.

So, I have a new solution. One that I feel will satisfy everyone, including myself.

Lara Bars.

I will eat a Lara Bar every morning for breakfast. They are all around 200 calories, have a decent amount of protein and carbs and are the perfect size for breakfast. Perfect for jump starting my metabolism while still tricking my appetite. It sounds strange and completely in my head (which it is) but it's working.

Last night I remembered that I was completely out of Lara Bars and realizing that HyVee had them on sale for a $1 each, I stopped by on my way home. All I needed was the bars so I hightailed it to the protein bar section and picked out 10 of my favorite flavors. Then, I made it to the front of the store, chose the checker with the shortest line and prepared to head home.

Not so fast... the girl checking me out had to comment. First, I have to describe what she looked like. She was obviously around 16 years old, but her skin was an orangey tan, that slightly resembled an oompa loompas skin and her eyes were rimmed in dark black, cat eye makeup, complete with drawn on eyebrows. It was awful.

She started checking my items (all 10 Lara Bars) and by the third one she goes, "You're buying all these candybars?!" complete with Valley girl accent.

"No, they're not candy bars. They're my breakfast every morning and I'm out," I say, as I force a polite smile.

All the while, I was thinking to myself, shouldn't it be against policy to comment on a person's purchases at a grocery store?

"Oh!" she exclaims. Then after the 4th item she scans, she snaps, "Are these all the same price??" I explain, "Yes, they're a $1 each."

She's still staring at me in confusion. Finally, an older employee stomps over, enters in six more items at a $1. Thank you.

This sort of transaction doesn't really surprise me, I had to train girls this age for six years and there really is only so much you can take. This one was by far the worst. I'm a little disappointed in HyVee for letting a girl like her be at checkout... she should really be somewhere else. Perhaps bagging? If she can keep her trap shut, anyway!

I was laughing to myself as I left the store though, she probably still thinks I was in there just buying candy bars. Oh... I wish. :)

Have you ever had your cashier at a grocery store comment on your purchases? Did it get on your nerves?

PS: In no way was I trying to offend any locals that actually go to Valley High school or went to VHS. Three of my best friends in the world went to Valley and although they look like Valley girls, they in no way, act like it. ;)


Kara said...

Haha, as a cashier at a grocery store, I HATE it when my co-workers make assumptions about people's purchases. I guess it's safe to say I hate it when people comment on stuff I'm buying. Like this cashier in Walmart who commented on my zillion-dollar duvet cover. If I want to spend an arm & a leg on a duvet cover, so be it! Shush!

That being said, when I'm working I never comment on people's stuff, unless it's delicious and I'm jealous. lol

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

I think that's a good solution for you!!

Though I would chew off my arm if I only ate a larabar for breakfast in the morning :P Each to their own though!

Heather said...

hahah I feel like stores are requiring their cashiers to be more and more engaging these days. I used to work as a cashier and we were asked to occasionally comment on purchases if you couldnt come up with anything to talk about. Now its like they have something to say about all my eating habits and want to know everything. Kinda annoying

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Yes, I have had cashiers make comments about my food purchases. One time I bought some gluten free pretzels, which were $8 a bag. i realize that is crazy expensive but I really, really wanted some pretzels. The cashier went on and on about how she couldn't believe i was spending $8 on a bag of pretzels. I was just like - shut the hell up, it's my only option since I have a gluten intolerance! So annoying!

Mandy said...

Ugh, cashiers who comment on purchases are not ok. Once I bought ice cream and a package of tampons and the cashier (who was a teenage boy) said "Ohhh that time of the month huh?" I wanted to lay him out right there.

Sam said...

I would have slapped her! hah, okay, maybe not. I HATE when grocery clerks comment on your purchases.. comment on your day or the weather or something, but don't question me on my purchases.

Shannon said...

Oh, I hate it when they comment. I mean, I just want to check out for crying out loud! ha!

btw, I have to eat breakfast or I turn into an angry monster LOL

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I mean really, is it that hard for people to keep their mouths shut? Really... candy bars? wth?!?!

Shoshanah said...

I think it's so random some of the things cashiers say when you're checking. I remember being at a gourmet food type store, which is my vice because I can't NOT buy everything, but while I was checking out she girl made some comment about how expensive one I the food items I bought was. And how she never spends that much money because she only shops at Wal-mart. Seriously? I can't imagine her manager would want her giving people a hard time for spending too much money, right?

P said...

In answer to the question at the end of your post ... one day I was in Tesco and realised that, while I was there, I should pick up an umbrella since I'd lost my last one and kept forgetting to replace it. I couldn't see one I liked at the cheaper price, so ended up choosing a pretty purple one which was ten pounds - more than I would care to spend on an umbrella normally but desperate times and all that. When I went to the checkout, a girl was scanning the items and a guy was bagging, and the girl actually commented to the guy (knowing full well I was standing right there) "ten quid for an umbrella??? What is it? A Mary Poppins umbrella?" and they both started laughing. I basically felt like she was mocking me for spending too much on it, and it was quite embarrassing. What a cow.