Wednesday, September 16, 2009 ... Round 3?


The first time I joined was two years ago when I first moved to South Carolina. I didn't know a soul down there and was incredibly lonely. A friend of mine suggested it and I figured, why not? Within a couple of weeks I met someone. :)

His name was Craig and he was born and raised in the South, about three hours upstate from where I was living. I could hardly understand him, his accent was SO thick! I was living in a touristy area, so many of the people did not have thick accents. We had a great relationship, but I soon realized that I didn't want to settle down in the South and he told me from the get-go that he would never move back home with me. So, we were doomed.

Seven months later I moved back home and decided to give Match a go again. I live in a rather small-ish city... probably about 500,000 people. Guess that's not TOO small, right? Well, it seems small. When you've grown up in one place your entire life it's hard NOT to run into people you know. Even on dating sights.

Got a little awkward, so I quit.

Then joined again.

Then quit again.

Now, I'm on it again. Hopefully it works out. I'm not taking anything too seriously. Honestly, the best scenario for me would be to be friends first then if something romantic comes out of it all, great! If it doesn't, I've made a new friend!

So far, I have been emailing with one guy that has obviously been burned. Let's call him, "Baggage". Baggage keeps commenting that he is looking for someone LOYAL and that won't LIE to him. Yes, he uses all caps like that. We've become FB buddies and have been chatting some on there (somewhat painfully by me. I've been staying "offline" on FB lately....) I believe I'm setting myself up for failure if things didn't work out. He would always hold a grudge. I'm going in with zero expectations so I'm not let down! I just don't think him and I are on the same path.

Another guy I have been emailing with is funny so far. Let's call him Sporty. Sporty's emails seem genuine and not generic. You can totally tell when a guy is copying and pasting the same email to multiple girls. Uhhhh, douche! This guy and I have a lot of the same interests. So, fingers are crossed! :) Our only difference is, he's a big sports nut and I am not. I'm not totally against it though and actually love going to bars to watch games and just chill for a few hours so I'm thinking that should make just about any guy happy, right? I was hoping I would get an email response from Sporty last night, but no. :( Fingers are crossed for today!!

So, that is pretty much all I've done in the week I've joined Match again. I'm being picky and only responding to people that I'm truly interested in. The other times I was on there I was spending a significant amount of time responding to people that I wasn't interested just to "be nice." Not this time, I'm not going to waste my time or theirs!

I hope my adventures in online dating aren't too boring! I will keep you all posted as I navigate this dating endeavor once again... Thanks for reading!! xxx


Lesli said...

I am sure your on-line dating adventures will be far from boring!! I have never actually done that myself, but I would never rule it out if I found myself single again. You never know!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Good luck!! I tried match when I first moved to my city - had no luck. Then I tried again this spring and had a really awful experience, so gave up on it. I hope you have better luck that I did!!!

Anonymous said...

Good luck! The Boyfriend and I met on Match. And if anything you'll have some great stories, I know I do :)

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Good luck with that! I hope you hear from that one guy tonight!

Mrs. Who said...

FWIW...I met my husband (10 years this March) on an on-line singles site. I just laid everything out (likes, dislikes, no dissembling just to be 'nice' or 'polite')...and my husband did the same. Saved a lot of time.

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

Third times a charm, right!!?

Good luck!

Shoshanah said...

I'm normally "offline" on facebook. It seems whenever I'm "online" the same people try to talk to me, as in the same people I don't really want to talk to. So, even though I'm normally on facebook, I'm not normally "online" on facebook

Sam said...

i made a profile on about a month ago just to see what it was all about. my boyfriend of 3.5 years and I broke up late June. it's been the hardest thing in the world. it was a mutual decision, but after the fact I realized I was so in love with him and wanted to spend the rest of my life with him like we once talked about daily. but he doesn't want me back :( I went through a dark spell of crying daily but am proud to say I haven't cried in a few weeks! Things are starting to get better and I think I need to meet someone new, even if they aren't 'the one', but just someone to remind me there are other men in the world!