Sunday, September 20, 2009

Magazine Junkie

It all started with Highlights magazine for kids. No joke. My grandparents got my sister and I a subscription to this magazine every year and from there my magazine obsession continued to grow.

From Highlights it grew into Tiger Beat and Bop.

Do you all remember reading those magazines? I would beg my mom to buy me those magazines filled with pictures of my favorite celebrities. She always gave in and she even let me pin them up on my walls -- after promising that I would NOT put holes in the walls, of course!

From there I matured to Teen and YM. I loved the "Why Me?" sections of embarrassing stories and the advice columns.

As soon as my copy came in the mail I would plant myself on the couch and not move until I had read the magazine from cover to cover.

Today I am a subscriber to a ridiculous amount of magazines. It's almost embarrassing the number of magazines I get each month, but the thing is, it's cheaper to subscribe. If I don't subscribe I will end up buying the magazine and spending A LOT more a year.

Here's the list of magazines that make it into my mailbox each month...



♥Cosmopolitan (I have contemplated giving this one up, but each year the renewal rate is too cheap to turn down)

♥In Style



♥Marie Claire (One of my faves!)



These are just the ones I subscribe to! I don't usually buy many more in the stores because I think they're ridiculously priced. I spend many of my lunch hours in Barnes and Noble and that is where I read People, US Weekly, OK! and In Touch. My mom also has a subscription to US Weekly, so sometimes I will borrow hers when she is done reading it.

In fact, speaking of my mother... she is the one that probably started this little obsession (well, her and my grandparents with the Highlights magazine) because she used to buy Enquirer every week. Not kidding... she was obsessed with the National Enquirer. She doesn't buy it anymore because it appears she has moved on to more trustworthy publications (cough, US Weekly, cough) but she used to! In fact I was pictured in the magazine after she sent in a picture of me as a baby and it won some award! Maybe someday I will post it... So, I believe this may be where the addiction started....

I'm sure many of you are magazine junkies too. Which ones do you love?


Shoshanah said...

The first magazine I subscribed too was American Girl. Right now, I'm subscribed to Glamour, Cosmo, and Entertainment Weekly. Although, I am letting Cosmo run out I think its for me. I've actually been meaning to post about that. I guess I really need to now!

Sam said...

my faves are Vogue, Marie Claire, Self and People. My mom subscribes to People so every time I go home I have a pile of magazines waiting for me :)I haven't had a subscription in a few years, but I LOVE going to B&N and filling my arms with magazines and heading to the cafe! I usually pick up bridal and hair magazines, too.

marisol said...

I used to be a total magazine junkie and then stopped renewing my subs since I became addicted to beauty & fashion blogs. But just this afternoon I bought a subscription to Glamour, InStyle & Marie Claire for $25 from amazon. It was special deal.

I also saw September Issue this weekend and yeah, I think I will be subscribing to Vogue.

Lesli said...

When I was younger I loved YM, Teen and Seventeen. Now I subscribe to Marie Claire, Redbook, Glamour and Lucky. I used to get Domino but it went kaput. I also used to get Allure & In-Style and Midwest Home but I let my subscriptions run out. We get all the fashion magazines at my office so I can read them there, too. One of my girlfriends subscribes to US so I get her copy when she is done. I honestly can't keep up with all my magazines--I usually end up dragging a huge stack with me whenever I am flying somewhere.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Wow, that's a lot of magazines. Every month in the mail I get Glamour and Entertainment Weekly. I use to get In Style but my subscription ran out and I haven't re done it.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Here's my problem - I subscribe to a bunch of magazine (Glamour, Self, Fitness, Women's Health, Runners World, and some random Martha Steweart Mind + Body magazine or something like that), but I NEVER read them. This just started in the last year. I have a huge stack of unread magazines on my kitchen table. I intend to take a bunch of them with me on my trip to Chicago because I love to read magazines on airplanes.

So, when all the subscriptions expire, I am only renewing Runners World because it is the ONLY one I consistently read!!!

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

Oh wow, you do have a lot of subscriptions! Haha. Honestly, I don't have ANY magazine SUBSCRIPTIONS - I tend to pay the ridiculous store price for them and usually buy anywhere from 0-3 magazines a month so it's not like I'm going to overboard. My favs that I buy most often are Glamour, Chatelaine and Canadian Running. Occasionally I will buy Runners World, too. I'm really not a big fan of Cosmo, I definitely prefer Glamour!

Kari said...

I read all of those magazines growing up too! I LOVED the Highlights mags and the Why Me? section was my fave too. I was a major jock growing up, so I also received the SI for Kids and would cut out pics of all the WNBA stars and good quotes from female players and I had a Kobe Bryant shrine in my closet :)

I don't really read a lot of magazines now. I used to read all the celebrity ones until I found Perez Hilton and and I learn all the drama before it hits the news stand. I will read Cosmo every now and then. My mom saves them for me when there's something good she wants me to see!

We do get 3-4 hunting magazines a month and the oh-so-famous-with- the-men Maxim. This was actually quite useful when I needed offensive ads against women in one of my college classes :)

wearingmascara said...

I remember Highlights! i LOVED that magazine! Remember the activity where you had to find the hidden pictures? Ahh... I could do that for hours. I, too, am a magazine junkie for sure!

The Word Slinger Upstairs said...

I'm jealous! I want to get all of those magazines in the mail!!! Although I might start reading them at the library...good idea. I got the same magazines you did when I was a kid. I remember YM was called "Young Miss" and then they changed it to Young and Modern. :)

Michelle said...

I love magazines as well. But I've limited myself to one - Real Simple. And I manage to read all the fashion and beauty ones at the nail salon when I get pedicures.

pinkflipflops said...

I love magazines. My favorites are Glamour, People, Self, Marie Claire and occasionally a Us Weekly (mother in law gets it.) I really need to get Self as a subscription. I currently only get Glamour.

Classy in Philadelphia said...

OMG. I loooooved Highlights!