Thursday, May 23, 2013

Run, run, run!

Yesterday I ran my last long run before Dam to Dam. I was a little nervous because all of my long runs during this training season were not going well at all. Last week I went out to do my 10 mile long run and by mile 6 pain was shooting up and down my back from my left shoulder. I was determined to finish the run though.

2 1/2 hours later I was hobbling to my car...

I'm still not sure what the deal was, but I foam rolled the heck out of my body, iced my shoulder and back and tried to do lots of stretches throughout the week to take care of my muscles.

What is suspicious is a few weeks ago I was at one of the women's expo things where there are vendors set up everywhere and we stopped at a couple chiropractor stands. One was offering free massages, seeing as I have never had a professional massage, I accepted.

Yep, I have never had a massage. I know I am probably missing out, but I don't think you understand how ticklish I am. Bill can barely touch me without me jumping practically out of my skin. Obviously I get used to after a minute or two, but I am ridiculously ticklish. Pedicures are practically painful for me! Anyway, I got a quick massage from this chiropractor (and I controlled my jumpiness) and when she got to my left shoulder she goes, "oh!"

Ummmm. What?

She said she would talk to me after. Great.

Afterwards she said that I need to be adjusted, specifically in the left shoulder area. Fast forward two weeks later and I am suffering from pain in that shoulder. Coincidence? I'm not sure.

Well, yesterday the pain was okay, and it didn't bother me too much. Thank goodness. Last week though? Oy.

I needed that good run yesterday. I am so thankful it went well. I am feeling even more confident for Dam to Dam on June 1, and I know I will have a huge PR. Last year it took me 2:50 to do 12.4 miles and I hit a major wall at mile 9 and pretty much walked the rest of the way. This year my goals are to run as much as I can, finish with a smile, and hopefully that smile happens around 2:30... :)

Have you ever had a massage and/or been to a chiropractor for an adjustment? Do you believe in chiropractors and/or visit them regularly?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I totally believe in chiropractors. I have gone to one but I usually only have to see him every 6-9 months or so, which to me shows that it's not a scam because that is not very often. If something is out of alignment, I highly recommend that you see a chiro. You will not believe the difference they can make! I also saw a chiro last summer for ART which helps loosen up muscles. A lot of aches and pains can be caused by muscle tightness, so he would work out my quads, glutes, achilles, etc. And it helped SO much. I had no knee pain, which is something I was struggling with before seeing him.

I can't wait to hear how D2D goes! You are goign to do great!!

Julie said...

This is one of the main reasons I'm "scared" to go get a massage because I know my shoulders are beyond stressed and I'm sure I'll leave in pain, which will either cause me to spend more money to continue the massages or just give up on it. I hear chiropractors are great, I'm not sure if I'm a total believer, as I've never been but I'm sure if it was suggested to me, I'd probably check it least once ;)

Amber said...

I SWEAR by my chiropractor and massage therapist to keep me healthy when I'm doing heavy training!! I have gotten adjustments and ART done by my chiropractor and she always helps me feel better. I also know regular massage really helps keep my muscles from getting super super tight. I think chiropractors are really good at looking at things holistically and looking at the ENTIRE body and how one thing connects to the other and how an issue in one part of your body can be bothering you somewhere else! And if you're not comfortable getting adjusted or cracked I would look for a chiro who does ART and straight up tell them you don't want your neck cracked. My chiropractor didn't crack my neck for the first 2 years I saw her and when she finally did I had total trust in her so it didn't bother me at all.

Matt Nielsen said...

I'm doing warrior dash. My goal there is certain time limit but rather to just do all obstacles and not get caught in barb wire.

p S h A o R t A o said...

I've had a couple of professional massages. They were wonderful and left me wanting more. I've never visited with a chiro. I've considered seeing one where they do a free consultation and ten minutes adjustment or something like that. I get some pain in my left shoulder every now and then so I have to be careful when I work out. My husband said he can feel some kind of tension where the pain is too. It would be so nice if they could just "fix it"!

If you do go to a chiro, I would love to hear about your experience!

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

I think chiropractors are quacks but I do love a good massage from time to time. You need to get one after your race; they often have free ones after the race and you can have them only do it for a few minutes if you are sore or jumpy (ie ticklish).