Saturday, March 28, 2015

The New Side Gig

I couldn't stay away from business long.

Almost exactly four years ago is how long it has been since I quit my job as the head of one of the most successful retail locations (with my old company) in the Midwest. It's been almost exactly SIX years since my job before that was dissolved due to a liquidation I am STILL in mourning over that one).

What I loved about both jobs was the sales plans and the challenge of working towards a goal. I loved motivating a team, making sales plans, earning trips, recognition and other incentives. It was fun! I very rarely did not make my monthly sales plans and was well known to hit my sales regularly. I had a plan, I worked the plan and somehow always made it happen.

Probably because I was having fun.

I love teaching now. I know without a doubt that I made the right decision in my career. Despite my post last week about not wanting to go back to work after spring break, I do love going in to school everyday. I love seeing my "kids". I love building relationships with parents. I love teaching and learning - because I learn so much everyday.  In fact, I don't even call it work - I call it "school"! Haha!

However, something has been missing. I did not realize it was missing until recently when I signed up to be a Stylist with Stella & Dot.
Top necklace: the Sanibel. Bottom necklace: Devon layering necklace
During the month of January there was a fantastic deal. A deal where you could earn back the investment you made if you sold so much in the first 30 days. I thought about it literally all of January.

Talked it over with Bill a lot.

With every conversation, he encouraged me to do it. I still hemmed and hawed over it though. How can I possibly squeeze one more thing on my plate? I have summers off, so I can do this in the summer, but what if I don't do well? What if nobody comes to my trunk shows? What if people start avoiding me because, "here comes Amber and all she's gonna do is talk about jewelry?!"
Pave arrow cuff and Interlock Cross bracelet
I bit the bullet though and did it.

I hit my initial goal within a couple weeks and I was having fun. Lots of fun!
From left: Renegade bracelet, Enlighten bracelet and the Inspiration bangle
My friends were coming over and we were having "trunk shows", drinking wine and trying on jewelry. I have made friends and added two people to my "team". Yep, I have a "team" again! The best part is ... I do not have a district manager breathing down my neck. I am not required to work Friday nights, Saturdays or Sundays (if I don't want to) and when I do work those days, I can easily make over $250 in a couple hours. Yep, that's not a typo. Plus, it is enjoyable. So enjoyable! See more information below)

Besides something "missing" from my career right now that was sales driven, my why for signing up was also driven by some hefty long-term goals that Bill and I want to achieve in the next 5-10 years. Goals like pay off our home and build a "dream" home in the country right outside of Des Moines. We've always known that to do something like that, we would need to supplement our income somehow.

I truly believe that Stella & Dot is the answer to those tough questions we have been praying about.

So, that's my new side gig! I am loving it and cannot believe I've only been doing it a couple months. In a very good way, it feels like I have been doing it much longer!

If you could do any side gig, what would it be?

Top: Somervell in white and gold. Bottom: Engraveable charm with  my wedding date engraved on it and Elephant charm. 

If you are interested in learning more about Stella & Dot, I would love to touch base with you. Email me at with stylist questions, questions about how to hold a live or online trunk show, or about updating your jewelry collection. I would love to help!!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I am glad that this has been a successful business venture for you! It helps when you are passionate about it. Plus I can't see you being one of those high pressure people who is always pushing others to buy jewelry or host a party (unlike some of the people I know who sell Isagenix products that DRIVE ME CRAZY WITH ALL THEIR EMAILS). I love the pieces you have been showing on Facebook and it makes me kind of wish I was the kind of girl that accessorized but I just suck at that!

I think if I did a side gig, it'd be something like working in a coffee shop or book store. I taught piano lessons in high school and back then I thought that when I got married and had kids, I would teach again but I don't think that will ever happen because I've invested too much in my education to not work... And I don't have a degree in music so I don't think I could build a business in a market like Minneapolis!

Amber said...

That is so awesome this is working out so well for you! One of my friends sold Stella & Dot several years ago and I hosted a party and got some nice jewelry from it that I still wear today!! I am on a super tight no spend budget right now as we get ready to go to Maui but I might reach out to you in a couple of months about some pieces!

I do a lot of freelance writing and social media stuff for a side gig. Sometimes it's annoying but for the most part it's a really good side income that I can fit into my life as I see fit so I enjoy it.

Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

Hmm I just tried to comment but I don't think it went through. All I said was yay for finding something else you love to do :) I used to tutor as my side gig but now Max =my side gig haha

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

I've thought about becoming a Barefoot Books Ambassador and possibly turning it into my full-time gig but I haven't done it yet.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I use to love the statement necklaces they make!