Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Weddings, workouts and whatever else is going on!

Hello! Happy summer!!

I still cannot believe it is summer, and not only is it officially summer, but it is the third week of my summer vacation! It is just going much too fast for my liking. :-/

Here's what I've been up to ... a whole lot of NOT blogging and reading, sadly.

The first week of summer I took two professional development classes because I still had money through our district to use and we get graduate credit for taking them, which moves you up on the payscale (can you say, hell yea??) so I felt obligated to get that done (so glad I did).

The second week of summer I started working at my friends in-home daycare (like last summer) and tutoring one fourth grade boy. I'm only at the day care 15-20 hours per week, which isn't bad, but I am slightly kicking myself for not just letting myself enjoy the summer.

The second week of summer I also began running with See-Us Run Des Moines regularly and it is really kicking my butt. I do really well with a "coach" or a "trainer" making me do something, and since I am technically a "mentor" runner, I have to keep my mouth and not complain too much about how it's hot or I am tired. (I am working on that, I complain a lot and it's hot. Even at 7am)

So, as you can see, I'm keeping my schedule jam-packed as I am so good at doing that.

What about the wedding? Yes, wedding. In approximately exactly 24 days. Eeeeeeek! Since I so enjoyed reading other brides' to-do list, I feel obligated to post mine ... Here ya go!

  • Practice make-up application (I'm doing my own)
  • Meet w/ pastor and finalize ceremony plans
  • Write vows
  • Rent popcorn machine (??? Maybe)
  • Create games for kids' table
  • Create puzzle/mad lib for something to do at tables during reception while waiting
  • Order cake 
  • Buy alcohol (we're doing all food and drinks ourselves!)
  • Buy all flatware/plates/napkins/cups/etc.
  • Finish guestbook (omg, I love it)
  • Decorations for reception 
  • Create programs and order them (big maybe, trying to decide if we need programs)
  • Trash cans & bags
  • Buy/borrow veil
  • 2nd and 3rd dress fitting (get to take home my dress in TWO WEEKS!)
  • Break in shoes
  • Figure out how to do nails (I don't want french)
  • Assemble wedding party gifts
  • Flower girl/ring bearer gifts (4)
So, there's that. I am for sure to the point where I just want to be done planning and I want the day to get here. I know that the list will not end, and there will be things that do not get done. Life will go on, but with each day that passes it seems like something else gets added to this list of things to do!!

Ok, moving on.

I have still been really active! Saturday I probably did the most physical activity in one day that I have ever done. I ran 8 miles with my running group and then a few hours later we went on a 50 mile bike ride to High Trestle Bridge. Have I mentioned how much I love my bike?? I really love biking!!

Here's a few photos ... I burned almost 4,000 calories on Saturday alone!

Other random stuff going on ...
  • I love Orange is the New Black! Bill and I are on the second season and I just got the book from the library. I cannot wait to read it! 
  • There is too much going on for me to really settle down and read though. :( Trying to overcome that.
  • After the wedding and Ragbrai, I have almost 3 whole weeks to do nothing. Literally, I have nothing on my schedule. No daycare work. No more planning. No schoolwork. Just running, reading and organizing my house. As much as I am looking forward to my wedding, I am really looking forward to that time as well.
What have you been up to? What's your workout regimen like in the summer? As much as I love Zumba, I find it very hard to be stuck inside a gym when it is beautiful out!


Marisa A. said...

If you are looking for eco-friendly options for your plates/cups/etc.. we used this company for our wedding


Really great quality and good prices. We did Famous Dave's Catering and they held up really well! Also it ships really fast. I didn't do a french manicure either. I just did a blush color. When I told the nail tech it was for my wedding she was like "oh why didn't you say something! I would have done french nails!" um...no thanks. Haha.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Eeks, your countdown comment got me really excited as that means I get to see you in 24 days! I hope you get through as much of that list as you can without losing your mind! I'm happy to hear that you have 3 weeks with NO PLANS after the wedding. You need that, girl!

My workout regimen has started off different this summer as I am doing a 4-week program called the summer shred. It's been awesome as it's pushed me to do more strength training. That ends this week and then I will start to ramp up my mileage as I'll be joining my running club again since their fall program starts on Saturday.

Shoshanah said...

I love the idea of coloring books for the kids to do. I've seen some awesome idea where they've turned photos of the bride and groom into pictures that could be colored. If we had more kids I would have loved to have done something like that, but with only two it wasn't worth it.

And I think if you want programs, I'd figure them out soon. I know so often people plan on having them, but with a week or two to go, they're so burnt out they don't happen. Not a big deal if you don't care, but if you do...

As for what's new with us, I don't know if you saw, but I'm pregnant and we're expecting a baby in December! Pretty crazy I think!

Amber said...

My friend that got married last summer just had giant chalkboards for her program and she had a rural/farm wedding. They turned out really awesome and I thought it was such a cool idea! I think she got most of her chalkboards at ikea!

Erin said...

Loved reading this! Especially because I typed up my final "Relivin' the Wedding" post today about my big day---which was almost 3 years ago. It's so exciting for you that you are just 24 days away!!!!!

My "wise words" will just be this--- anything that might go wrong or not get finished in time---don't let it ruin the big day. I was pretty calm throughout my entire engagement and then in the few days before my wedding there were numerous things that frustrated me or pissed me off! Luckily I had wonderful friends and a fabulous fiance who kept me under control---and now I can look back on those moments and laugh at how much they upset me! I know--easier said than done. :)

Kara said...

I JUST started watching Orange is the New Black today and I'm addicted. I'm only 3 episodes into the first season and it's hilarious.

Becky said...

You're so close! So excited for you! Also, as you get closer and closer just toss things off the list you don't feel like dealing with because no one will miss them, I promise!

Megan W said...

Yay for being a teacher in the summer! People think we do nothing but you're proving we are busy busy! What did you do for professional development? I have some at the end of July and the beginning of August. I kind of wish it wasn't so close to the start of school but oh well! I'm taking online class right now which is a lot of work. The beautiful weather is NOT helping my motivation to get it done, haha.

Orange is the New Black is amazing! I read the book quite a few years ago and the show is different, but both are great in their own right :) I just started One Breath Away by Heather Gudenkauf (she's from my hometown of Dubuque!) I know you gave it a good review on Goodreads and I'm trying to pace myself a bit!

Best of luck with all the wedding prep!!!

P said...

It tired me out just reading this post! I can't believe you oh-so-casually mention you biked 50 miles... especially after a run! That's hardcore!

Katie said...

Your wedding is just around the corner!!

I can't wait to hear how the Orange is the New Black book is. Please keep us updated! I watch the show, but haven't gotten to grab the book yet from my library!

Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

I have the same argument with myself every summer about work and I always end up working. Even this summer I was technically not supposed to be working but of course i'm in half days this week and then I'm doing an at-home work job (which won't be hard but still I'm like could I suck any more at just being on vacation?)
Yay for your wedding being in 24 days! :) I hope someone will be live tweeting ha ha.

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

Sounds like a lot of fun/busy stuff! What kind of fitbit do you have?

Lesli said...

I forgot to sign your wedding guest book. I was super bummed! :-(