Thursday, May 24, 2012

Wine & Love

It is finally the end of the week. FINALLY! With the absence of my crazy schedule, my weeks are just crawling by. This is just a short respite though, so I know I need to take advantage of it and relax, but I'm so much better when I'm crazy busy all the time.

Since it's Thursday and there have been some definite highs and lows of this week, it's the perfect time to participate in Nora's Wine & Love feature!

Each week we blog what is making us reach for the wine out of stress and what is making us reach for the wine out of love! ;)

(but actually, I am not drinking at all due to race day being EIGHT days away, but I will imagine I'm drinking instead)

This week what has me w(h)ining is... 
  • People who break plans. And on top of breaking plans, don't tell me. I had to dig to find out. Really? It's such a turn off and I find that extremely unattractive in a person (especially guys). (Yes, this was a guy.) (Yes, I am still extremely annoyed.)
  • Not being able to find a house to rent for the next year. We're so sick of living in an apartment with three dogs, but finding a home for renting instead of buying has proven to be close to impossible. Every day I whine about how I wish I had bought a house when I had the salary that would have allowed that. Sigh. (I need to keep reminding myself of perspective. I am much happier now in my career, and I will have a "normal" salary again soon).
  • Feeling like you bend over backwards for people and are always there, always responsive. But, they don't do the same for you. Ya, know? 
  • School is almost out (public school) and I am actually really really sad. This is my last semester of substitute teaching on a regular basis. In the fall my class schedule only allows me to sub on Fridays and the following semester I will be student teaching. Just thinking about this puts a lump in my throat. I love subbing. 
  • The pain that has cropped up on the left side of my hip yesterday. I felt fine until about the end of 2nd period, and during passing as I left to go to the restroom I found myself practically hobbling and limping down the hall. It felt like it came out of nowhere and the pain is STILL there. :(
  • Just in general feeling very unimportant. To so many people. That's one of the worst feelings for me. I have to feel important. (Doesn't everyone?)
This week I am loving... 
  • That our pool is open early. In fact, it's been open a couple weeks now! The bright side of staying in this apartment complex is the pool. I love our pool!
  • Looking forward to a weekend at the lake. I love looking forward to stuff like that! I know it will be relaxing and full of lots of laughs!
  • The tan that I am getting from running. I love being tan! (Don't worry, I am wearing my SPF).
  • The class that started last week and am looking forward to the two classes that start next week. Yes, I know, this makes me a huge nerd. But, I really enjoy being in the classroom (as student or teacher). 
This is really it. I could keep stretching for loves, but honestly, it's been a blah week. I'm hoping that a weekend away will recharge my batteries and help me put a few things in perspective, say goodbye to some negative energy and just get on track. 

What's making you reach for the wine? Do you have any plans for the holiday weekend?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I hope you find a home to rent. It's such a hot rental market right now because people still are reticent to buy even though prices and low and interest rates are low. Which is good for people like me who rent our homes out, but bad when you can't find a place to live! :(

I am sorry that you've been feeling ignored/unimportant. I don't like that feeling either. And that sucks about a guy cancelling on you. I would kick him to the curb (I am not very forgiving when it comes to guys not handling date cancelling well in the early dates).

Anonymous said...

You're important to me. Don't ever forget that.

Anne said...

I totally love this post, because I'm having a super blah day (week) as well and can totally relate.

Girl, I know I haven't been a follower long, but you're running success stories are an inspiration to me.

Hope that helps brighten your day, Amber!

Stephany said...

I'm not having a great week, either, so I can totally relate to you. Being back from a fun vacation and getting sick immediately is NOT fun. I'm hoping I can kick this thing so I can enjoy my upcoming three-day weekend. Woohoo! Excited for that, at least. :)

I can't believe your race is just 8 days away! So soon!!! Hopefully your leg pain goes away soon. That has to be stressful on top of everything else.

San said...

Oh, biggest pet peeve is when people (guys especially!) can't cancel plans appropriately. Ugh. What gives?

Also, bending over backwards for people and not getting the same in return? Hate it. Makes me want to scream and stomp around. Why is it so difficult for some to just reciprocate?
That goes hand in hand with the feeling of being ignored/unimportant and I know it's one of the worst feelings to have :(

I hope the weekend and some time at the lake will cheer you up a bit ;) focus on the positive people!

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

Ug. I hate flakey/late/plan changers. THAT makes me feel unimportant, especially when it's at the beginning of a relationship. Get rid of him. It will only get worse.

Have a great weekend! Is this the laser thing in KC?

Shoshanah said...

Having access to a pool is probably the number 1 thing I miss about living in an apartment complex. (Also probably the ability to run to the vending machine and buy candy late at night... but that's probably a good thing.) I'd love to someday live in a home that has a pool, except don't want to have to worry about taking care of it.