Thursday, May 10, 2012

Life Currently ...

Life is getting the best of me and I just cannot seem to put together a coherent blog post. The semester officially ends for me today, and it feels like now my body knows it can just fall apart. I'm exhausted!  
So, memes it is! 

I got this from Kyria, who is the sweetest blogger, and is so encouraging with the new running habit I have picked up. :)
Current Book - The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. I've been warned to have the tissues ready. Great.
Current Celebrity Crush - Zac Efron lately. I really, really want to see The Lucky One! :)
Current Drink - Ice water with Mio added to it. My favorite flavor is strawberry watermelon (which is funny because I don't like watermelon!)
Current Excitement - Can't wait to head to Kansas City for Rockfest on Saturday. I'm going with a group of friends that are *always* a good time and I can't wait to let loose!
Current fashion trend - Hmm... I'm obsessed with wedges. I also want to give Toms a try again, but I don't know. They look funny on me.
Current Favorite Blog/Website - Well, I haven't done much for leisure. I'm pretty stoked about Map My Run though, I just discovered a bunch of local routes that I want to try. 
Current Favorite Film - I just watched Stepbrothers the other night, that movie *always* makes me laugh!
Curent Food - I have been craving Thai food like crazy lately! My favorite is panang curry with chicken. 
Current Guilty Pleasure - Too much coffee? Too much pop? The occasional Monster? (my favorite is the absolute zero kind). I have way too many guilty pleasures lately considering it's finals week and I am wore out!
Current Indulgence - I'm thinking about eating school pizza for lunch, does that count? ;)
Current Mood - sleepy
Current New Find - I just found some Hershey's Kisses on this teachers desk (I guess that would be current guilty pleasure, but I literally just found them). 
Current Outfit - Jeans, tank, cardigan, wedges (pretty typical)
Current Peeve - People and their bad moods.
Current Song - Brokenhearted by Karmin (I will get sick of it soon though!)
Current Triumph - My 7 mile run that went great on Monday! 
Current TV Show - Revenge! Last night's episode was kind of boring, but I just love that show!
Current Wish-List - A VACATION! Preferably on a beach somewhere
Currently Delaying - Wrapping up my final project. It's due at 5:30, and it's pretty much done. It just needs a few finishing touches and proofreading. 

What are you currently up to? What's your current triumph?


Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

Oooh fun meme idea! May have to do this one! I am currently eating oatmeal and drinking coffee and my current triumph is definitely the marathon!

Suz L said...

Ahh Zac Efron...when did he grow up into this hot man??? I have not seen The Lucky One yet but am dying to!

Also I remember in school they had these rectangular pizzas? Do they have those in Iowa? I haven't had one since high school!

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

Hey...that's me! Thanks for the shout out. And great job with the 7 miles! Tell me, 2 months ago, didn't 7 miles seem so far away!? And now!? You did it! How was it?

Good luck with your finals! And have fun at the Rockfest!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

That is a fun meme. Congrats on making it thru thr semester! You did it! You had a full plate but made it work so pay yourself on the back for that!

I am currently exhausted. Currently stressed. Currently uncertain about changes at work. But currently thankful for my family, friends, and running. Those 3 things will get me through this rough patch of life!!

Anonymous said...

My current triumph is running sub 11 min miles yesterday! It was the first time I had run even HALF a mile at a pace starting with 10 since i shattered my ankle, and my avg pace for 3 miles was 10:37. I hope it wasn't a fluke!