Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ten Days of Thanksgiving - Day 2

I had an entire post sitting, waiting to be edited and pretty much ready to go today.

Key word, had.

It. disappeared.

Immediately after I made this discovery I went to bed and slept 10 ahhh-mazing hours. (According to the sleep app it was mostly body rejuvenating deep sleep. Yeeaaaahhhhh!)

So. Anyway.

Today. On Day two, I am thankful for...

The Internet.

Wait. What?? I'm thankful for technologythatscrewedupandatemypostfromlastnight? Yeah, I am. I'm annoyingly positive like that.

You know how I know how long I have had the internet? This is a good story. You're gonna wanna (gonna wanna? Did I really just type that?) listen to this.

Back in the day when everyone first got internet, many many many of used AOL. Ya know, America OnLine? Too young? Are you judging? Judge away! Those chat rooms were FUN! My friend Abby and I would spend hours upon hours in chat rooms flirting with boys from eeeevvvvverywherrrrrrre. Ahhhhh, memories.

With AOL you came up with a screenname, a handle, a username, whatever you call it. AOLians called it a Screename. I had two. Amber1678 (Pretty sure the 16 is for my age and the 7-8 just naturally followed...) and WalkinginSpiderWebs (yep, I was and still am, a No Doubt fanatic).

My mom came up with Sunsmile, but it was taken. So, I suggested she add her age to the end of it, which is where Sunsmile37 is born.

She still uses Sunsmile 37.

I still use Amber1678. (sometimes).

My mom's is funnier. She's fifty now.

(She's going to crap if she sees that I just put that on the internet! Maybe I shouldn't mention that her birthday is next month. Oops. Just did) HA! Hi, Mom!


It's really simple and easy to figure out how long I have been obsessed with this World Wide Web business. Thirteen years. Lucky thirteen...

Plus, I can now tell my kids and grandkids that I am older than the internet.

(I saw that on Twitter yesterday. Thanks, Kara!)

What are you thankful for today?? Did you ever use AOL? AIM?


Marisa A. said...

Hhaa oh man I remember those days. I didn't have AOL but I used yahoo and my screenane was lilpeach162001
because I was 16, and it was 2001. Ha!

Nikki said...

I remember the chat rooms! They were so much fun but now they are so dangerous (I'm sure they were just as bad then too). I actually still use my AOL email address as my main email that's how OLD SCHOOL I am.

Jenn :D said...

Haha I immediately hear the start up to AOL when I see the logo! I was dancer6923-- those were the numbers they gave me and at the time I had no clue it had a meaning lol! Great for being positive!

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

I didn't use AOL that I know of but I did use MSN A LOT and also chatrooms a lot. I am so thankful for the internet! :)

Stephany said...

Haha! I love this post. My first screenname was PuPpYlOVe1128. Toggle was IN back then, haha. :)

I loved AIM so much. Talking with friends, coming up with clever away messages, redoing my profile. Ahhh, memories!

HS @ Our Debt Blog said...

So you were the Amber1678 I used to flirt with back then!? nice :)


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I never did you AOL! I did occasionally use the hotmail messenger, but that is it! I do remember when I first got email, though. I had a long distance boyfriend in high school and we had 'sendit' email accounts, and we would ALWAYS use up our data max so then we didn't have email for like the last 10 days of the month. Oh young love. I kind of wish I had the novels we used to write back and forth to each other!

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

I used AOL! I still do, actually. But not the messenger. Although I did for a little while, but I never really had friends who were on it, so I really only chatted to like....1 or 2 people. I used MSN messenger a lot more. And then Gchat.

Thank goodness for the internet. Even when it's annoying, it's still so handy!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I totally had AOL!! I still have a screen name for aol! I haven't used it in forever.

Anonymous said...

Haha! ReneeShan13 and PrettyNPinkISU