Monday, November 28, 2011

Break recap + a new challenge!

Hi Friends!!

How was your weekend and/or holiday?!

I had big plans to post all kinds of book-ish things over the weekend, but that went right out the window. I was kinda lazy... I did get a lot of studying done from homework to-do list that I posted on Twitter, but other than that, I didn't do much of anything.

Here's how my break went:

My T-giving break started this day. It was supposed to start Wednesday because Tuesday is usually a sub day for me, but I didn't get a call. I was even on the website and calling like a crazy person for open jobs, but there was nothin'! Kids got out the next day for break, so I am sure that is why. Maybe teachers don't get their holiday pay if they call in the day before a holiday? I don't know.

Instead of working, I went to lunch with a friend, took him to our old high school to (hopefully) show him that I am not crazy for getting lost in there one day (there are new additions to the building) and then we sat at Caribou the rest of the afternoon drinking coffee. Sound delightful? It was!

I headed over to Omaha (about two hours west) with that same friend to watch him race r/c cars. I didn't really know what to expect and was pretty sure what I had pictured in my head was wrong.

First things first though... we ate at Schlotzskey's, which is my *favorite* sandwich place! Whenever I am in a city that has one, I just have to stop. Have you ever had it?

After stuffing our faces with the best sandwich ever, we headed over to the racetrack/hobbyplace/store-with-the-most-small-peices-I-have-ever-seen.

Watching these small cars race was really fun! I had no idea this was even a sport and that so many guys were into it. There weren't a lot of people there racing (hello, day before Thanksgiving), but there was still quite a few!

What I found most interesting was the technology behind it and all the preparation that goes into it. There was small parts everywhere! And the store where everything is sold? Ohmygosh. Small part city. Such a crazy little niche market!

I started the day with the gym, and I'm really glad I did. This kick started a new challenge that has been brewing in my head for awhile now. I'll tell you about soon. Promise.

After about 45 minutes at the gym, I went home and got ready for the holiday (which means, I opened the bottle of wine).

I spent my Thanksgiving out in the country at my grandmother's house. She lives in Dexter, IA which is about 30 minutes west of Des Moines and is a really small town. She doesn't even live in the town either! It's a few minutes further west... on a dirt road... but there is a tiny lake! I've never been on the lake, but I hear it's pretty fun. ;)

Thanksgiving dinner was good, we had an odd mix of family that doesn't normally get together but it was fun overall. It's nice to see my grandma. It just in the past few years that she sold the home she's lived in for over forty years here in Des Moines and moved out there. She used to live within walking distance of my parents house, and now she's just too far away :(

Remember how I planned to go out at midnight with mom? Well, we decided against that. Instead we got up early and hit the shops around 8am. Much more reasonable, right? We started with Menards (a big hardware store in the area) because they had dog beds for extremely cheap! Menards was c-r-a-z-y. The line literally snaked through the store all the way to the back. Luckily the line went really fast and we were next to some fun people in line. I even ran into a girl from high school, that was there for the same thing! ;)

After that we headed to the mall. I really didn't get anything. I just got the dog beds, a travel coffee mug (it was only $5) a sweater at Younkers and some nail polish at Ulta. All stuff for me... oops. Well, I guess the dogs got a gift too.

Apparently Black Friday is the day to run into people because at Younkers I ran into .... and ex. A yucky ex. Luckily, I avoided the situation, in typical Amber fashion... When I noticed him, he had already noticed me, so I flipped around and quickly started walking away - without my mom! She comes running after me, confused. Oops. Sorry mom.

Ugh. Sometimes I hate how small Des Moines is. I have no desire to talk to him.

Moving on. Once I got home, I quickly threw on gym clothes and did a quick 60 minutes between the treadmill, elliptical and bike. I ran into a friend and we ended up talking for quite a while, which helped me stay longer. ;)

That night us girls went bowling. I was so shocked that we were all together - and on a holiday! This is so rare. Especially unplanned like this!

We were just missing Shannon :(

Can you tell I am trying not to laugh? It took about five minutes just to take this picture because I couldn't stop laughing long enough to "frown." lol (There you go, Mike. Posted it just for you.)

This morning I got up and headed to Zumba with my friend Kristi. She was teaching the class, and I was excited to be able to attend. Usually her group fitness classes do not work out with my schedule. This class kicked my butt, but was so fun!

After that I headed home and studied the rest of the day. No fun there.

That evening us girls got together AGAIN and we saw Breaking Dawn-part 1. I had already seen it, but I didn't want to miss out on time with the girls, so I went! I'm such a nice friend... ;) hehe.

Aren't Sundays kind of depressing? This was such a great break, I was dreading having to go back and finish up the semester all day. The next two weeks are going to be crazy!

Well, on Sunday I spent the day pretty much in yoga pants. I did make it to the gym fourth day in a row* and did another interval workout on the machines, but not before almost falling off the treadmill. I was only going about 3 mph but right after I jumped on I must have tripped over my own two feet, dropped my phone and sort of slid off. I didn't fall completely down (thank god) but there was this guy that came running over to help (how sweet). It was kind of embarrassing... luckily I can laugh at myself, and I just hopped right back on.

The rest of the day I spent studying and lounging around the apartment. That evening I figured I better go grocery shopping because I'm not going to have time to go this week, so I headed to Target. I made a fatal mistake and went while I was starving... I have lots of food now. I should be good for awhile. ;)

So, that was my vacation!

*Now, that random challenge that mentioned above? So, I started it on Thanksgiving, and I need you all to hold me accountable.

I'm having a really hard time squeezing in time to workout each week with my hectic schedule. I need to get better at scheduling my workouts and sticking to it, so I'm starting a Thanksgiving-to-Christmas challenge. I am challenging myself to work out everyday until Christmas.

I did so well in October and then in November I just stopped tracking, and working out. I just felt .... gross. So, that's going to change in December! Who's with me?!

How was your Thanksgiving break? Did you go shopping for Black Friday? Do you have a plan to avoid the holiday weight gain?


Kelly said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgivng break! Good luck on your new challange. I just started Weight Watchers today so I am excited about that.

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

Sounds like a great week!

I am doing the Holiday Booty Buster Challenge (HBBC) which I think is a good way to stay motivated to run and work out!

Lesli said...

I am with you! I will work out every day with you--via text message!

Lesli said...

P.S. I went midnight shopping!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Sounds like a great long weekend for you! I am sorry you ran into an ex. Bleh. I would have turned and went the other way as well. I have no desire to talk to most of my exes!

Stephany said...

Sounds like a good, long break for you! I hope the next two weeks go by smoothly for you.

I love the challenge! I have a tough time fitting in workouts, too, sometimes because I'm just plain LAZY, lol. I go about 4-5 times a week and that's good enough for me now. :)