Monday, June 6, 2011

No rest for the weary!

Classes start today!

During the summer semester I am taking 12 credits, which is four classes. This is a lot for a summer semester, but it's staggered quite nicely.

Two classes start today and they meet Monday through Thursday from 9am-4pm throughout the month of June. On June 20th I start a third class that is solely on the web (nice!) and then the 2nd, 3rd and 4th week of July I have a class at our local Area Education Agency that meets from 8-5 on Thursday and Friday.

So, it seems like a lot and people look shocked when I tell them, but it just makes sense!

Starting today is:

Language and Literacy (which I have already been warned is a ton of work)


Teaching English Language Learners (which I have heard nothing about. It's an intro class so it shouldn't be too bad).

Starting June 20th on the web is a special education course called Applied Behavior Analysis and Positive Behavior Supports. I'm really excited for this one because I really like PBS schools and PBS programs. From what I have found so far, focusing on abilities - NOT disabilities - and pointing out what a student did WELL is so much more productive. Also, since it's on the web I feel like I can really work best when I feel the best. Whether that be at 1am or 3pm, it's completely up to me. I like that.

In July I will be taking a Humanities course at the local AEA. There are several people that are in my program at Drake taking the same class, so I'm not worried about not knowing anyone. That's always nice to know for the first day of class.

When you were in college did you take summer courses?


Shannon said...

I took one summer course in undergrad and it wasn't too bad.

I'm taking one summer class this year - starts in July!

Stephany said...

Ah, every summer except for two. So that's... four summer semesters. I usually took 2-3 classes. No fun, made summers seem kinda blah.

Your classes sound very interesting, though!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I took summer school the year after my freshman year. It was sort of hellacious because I waitressed and would often close, which meant getting home at 12:30. Then I would go to Calc II from 9-11 and then Microeconomics from 12-2. Then i woudl go home and go to work around 4. And try to find time to do homework. Not a fond memory.

I always took summer school in grad school, too. I think I took 1 class the first summer and then the 2nd summer i did that 4 credit program to France. I had to take it easy in the summer so I wouldn't lose my mind!

Good luck! You are going to be BUSY!

Emmy said...

Oooh! What's the humanities course you're taking? And just so you know, summers don't look much more open when you become a teacher. I think I MIGHT have seven free days total this summer. Yikes.

Shoshanah said...

The college I went to never really did summer school. It was really too small for it. The closest I ever got was doing research on campus for a summer. But that's the closest I've ever been to summer school.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I took summer classes once because I needed to get the hours in so I could graduate on time.

Anonymous said...

I signed up for 12 credits too! At my school they have 2 summer sessions, 6 weeks each. So I took 2 each session. The classes met for 3 1/2 hrs 2 times a week. So I took a monday/wednesday class and a tuesday/thursday class. It depends on the class and the professor, but mine were a little easier on us since it was a condenced course. However, that eing said, 12 credits is my personal limit, even though my school allows upto 18 (3 classes per session). Best of luck to you!!