Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Why I love the blogging community so much!

You guys are so sweet. Thank you so much for your encouraging comments and prayers, they mean so much and remind me of why I love the blogging community so much!

I am so excited to embark on this new adventure, but it is terrifying! I QUIT my job last week. That is scary. I quit a job that pays well and is dependable, but on the other hand is frustrating and looks easy but is NOT. Two years ago I was so extremely thankful for the opportunity and I still am, I just know that my time is up and I'm ready for a new long term challenge.

My two main fears are pretty simple actually.

1. What if I don't get called to sub? I have my bachelors, which in most states enables you to substitute teach. In Iowa you have to take a 20 hour class (which I am taking this weekend) to get a substitute teaching license and that allows you to sub in grades 6-12. I've got the class under control, not worried about that. But, what if I apply to the school districts and I don't get called? I will be available Wed-Fri and I am depending on that for income. I suppose if it doesn't work out I can find a random part time job (or perhaps go back to the nursing home) but I really want to get my butt in the classroom!

2. What am I going to do for health insurance? I have looked into independent plans and need to make a few calls to get that going, but it is still one loose end that I need tie up. Going without health insurance is NOT an option for me. Although I rarely get sick I am a worrywart that will constantly be thinking about the "what if's" if I don't get it. I can get insurance through the college but open enrollment is only in October. So, I've got 10 more months to worry about! Anyone have experience with independent health insurance providers?

Those are my two main fears. I'm not too worried about finding a job once I'm done with school. My two endorsements are in demand so I should be good there, but hopefully I don't change my mind once I get going and deeper into the coursework! The main endorsement I am interested in is special ed, but I'm more interested in the intellectual disabilities. Not the behavior disabilities, but I don't think there's any getting around that one. BD children are gonna be in my room no matter what... ;)

Well, I'm off to hit the books. I have a TON to do in the next week and half. I had a blast this semester and learned a lot but I'm ready for it to be over and move on to something else...

Hope you're having a great week. Thanks again for your support, it means the world!


Heather said...

I know its a scary new chapter in your life and yes you should worry about certain things, but you also cant get caught up in the what ifs. I have a friend who is doing independent health ins until his open enrollment starts and I dont think he has any complaints.

Just do some research and stay healthy!

Lesli said...

I keep hearing good things about Blue Cross Blue Shields independent coverage. You are young & healthy--it shouldn't be TOO expensive, but you are smart to have health insurance. Not having it can be a recipe for disaster!

I appreciate your support too, Amber! Thanks for your sweet message on FB last night!!


Suz said...

I admire your bravery! And don't worry too much- I'm not good with remembering Bible verses addresses but there is one that basically says "Do not worry about tomorrow for today has enough worry of it's own." and there are others that are something like "Do not be anxious about anything instead with prayer and petition submit your requests to God." He will provide a way for you!

I had to get individual health insurance when I got laid off and I actually kept it when I got my new job because it was cheaper than the option the contracting company offered. I will say it is not fair for girls our age. Even if you opt out of the maternity coverage it is still more expensive than a guys. I pay almost double what one of the guys I know pays. I have Blue Cross Blue Shield with like one of the highest deductible options, but I've been happy with it so far. Good luck! I know it can be a pain getting all that figured out!