Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Vacationing on my couch

This week I am on vacation, and I have to admit although it is pretty incredible I am starting to get bored.

The vacation couldn't have come at a better time but I wish I had had something planned. I'm ready to start taking real vacations with my free time off. In 2010 we definitely have things planned but in 2009 I didn't have anything good on the agenda!

So, this week is being spent on my couch. The thing is, I'm not good at being stationary for long periods of time. I have to always be doing something. For this reason, I decided to make a "to-do list" of productive things I could get done this week.

Want to know what is on this list?

Ok, I'll tell you

1. Call Mediacom and order an HD box (and maybe DVR too)
2. Take down Christmas tree (so sad!)
3. Call Aspen and make sure my gym membership is still active (my contract ended on 12/31)
4. Call bank and explain to them that I double paid Decembers car payment so I would like that second payment to be January's payment (seriously, how did I do that?)
5. Clean out the fireplace (it's bad!)
6. Look into education programs at Simpson, ISU and Drake (I think I scratched Simpson off the list yesterday)
7. Get nails filled (that's a Friday thing, so this one will wait till the end of the week)
8. ALL laundry (yuck)
9. Order personal checks (I only write checks for my rent and for the past 4 months I have been getting money orders to pay it. Cy went with me last time to pay it and was shaking his head the entire time. LOL!)
10. Find plant (that I like) for the living room (this could take awhile. I'm really picky. And cheap.)
11. Read. A lot. That requires me to be stationary though and I'm not good at that lately!

Soooo, that is pretty much it. I was really stretching for things to add to this to do list, huh? I could probably go somewhere but I really want to save money. I'm so horrible at saving money and if Cy and I do move in together in May I want to be able to contribute... and right now, well... that could be hard.

How do you tend to use your vacation time?


Lesli said...

I prefer to use my vacation time for trips to NYC & California and Seattle, etc. But I also like days off where I can be a homebody and I always have all these ideas that I will work out every day twice a day and clean and organize my closet. But then I end up watching DeGrassi marathons and eating, eating, eating! I just described my Christmas vacation! :)

Alicia said...

I spent this vacation on my couch mostly! I was so sick, but I did manage to have a day of shopping and then go see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra another day.....so I like to think that I had some semblance of a life lol. But mostly I stayed on the couch.

brown eyed girl said...

You can do it! I've got a similar list and have started to work on it, just posted it the other day! :)

I like both kinds of vacations - the out of town trips I get really pumped about, but I equally enjoy being home and putzing about either on my own or with my husband. There's just something about being home that's relaxing. Sound like your time this week!

Shannon said...

During the planned summer vacations, we like to go somewhere warm and relaxing.

But this past Christmas vacation... we were lazy bums and enjoyed every minute of it! But, had I been home alone - I wouldn't have been lazy - I can't be lazy on my own! LOL

Classy in Philadelphia said...

Ohhh, I love staycations! They are the best...but I can definitely understand about getting bored easily. I think you should def. get a DVR. I'm obsessed with mine!

P said...

I have to admit, unless I'm going away on holiday somewhere, I have a tendency to spend my time off on the couch - or on the bed! Occasionally if its summer and the weather is nice (a rarity in Scotland), I'll go and hang out at the Botanic Gardens in Glasgow with a book, but generally its stay in and be lazy time!

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

I was such a bump on a log during my 3-week vacation but I LOVED IT! Staycations are DEFINITELY nice every once in awhile, but it's also fun to go places/do things!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

At least you have a plan to get things done during your vacation!

Sam said...

I'm spending my vacation with my family doing nothing and I love it!! And you HAVE to get DVR, it's the best thing in the world!!! I wish I had it at school!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I usually go somewhere during vacations, but I didn't really go anywhere when I took 2 weeks off before starting my new job (aside from a quick trip to Chicago to visit my brother). I actually loved not going anywhere. I set up lunch or dinner dates w/ friends almost every day of the week, so I stayed very busy but still had some evenings at home to relax or organize/clean.

Enjoy your much deserved break! :)

marisol said...

Sometimes I wish I had a staycation. I usually travel to Mexico or have family in town during the holidays so I don't really ever get to relax. Although I think that if I had two full weeks off during my staycation, I would get bored easily.

walkingonsunshine18 said...

Sounds like you have a steller week plan! I've never used vacation time for lounging around my house, but I think that I'm going to do it sometime this year when I really need a break from work

Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...


Shoshanah said...

Definitely the only time I use checks is to pay rent. I did wind up having to order some after I ran out of the free samples. So now I have around 250 checks (since that's the smallest amount you can order) that I probably will never use up.