Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Daily thoughts to share

I am not doing a very good job at blogging, huh? My average is once a week so far. this summer So, here I am. For the week. ;)

Last week I mentioned how I wanted to cut down on mindless scrolling through Facebook/Snapchat/Instagram/Twitter/Goodreads (seriously, I am an addict). I wish I could say I did a good job at cutting down, but I did not. I was pretty much the same. One thing I did decide to do though was turn each moment where I wanted to post something on Facebook (with the exception of photos of Elise) I would make a note of the thought in my phone and save it for a blog post. How fun is that?! I love sharing on Facebook and other social media sites and you could probably classify me as an "oversharer." I kind of hate that I am that way. I have friends that NEVER post online but I know they are there, lurking, everyday. Sometimes I wish I could be more that way. I'm not sure why I enjoy sharing so much. I'm not an attention hog in person at all. I suppose I like to share my thoughts and start conversation online. However, in person I am a terrible conversationalist! I think it is because I need more time to gather my thoughts and form thoughtful sentences and contributions to the conversation.

Anyway, here are the notes that I took - notes that I considered putting online and then stopped myself in an effort to stop oversharing. I'll just overshare here! I mean, that's what my personal blog is for, right?!

  • That moment when you finish a book and you immediately look up the author on Facebook to see if they are coming to a bookstore near you and to also message them gushing about their book. Yes, that is me. 
  • I hate when people use my name in the middle of a sentence. Example: "Yes, Amber, I saw that yesterday on the news." I am sure it is not meant to sound condescending, but it does to me. 
  • Cold brew? I don't get it. Is there really a difference? I'm clearly not a coffee aficionado. 
  • Parent alone is EXHAUSTING. Today (Tuesday) at Rhyme Time I mentioned to a friend that I was exhausted and didn't understand why. Her daughter is about 7 months older than mine and she mentioned that it is really hard to parent alone. It just slowly wears you out! So true. Thank God my husband gets home Saturday. 
  • I resisted a cookie, a free cookie, at a local business this week. Small win!
  • June isn't even over yet and I'm already getting depressed at how quickly summer is spinning by. Slow. Down. Please. 
See? All of those things I wanted to share.

Do you overshare, lurk online or fall somewhere in between? Do you wish you were different, like I do?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Well posting once a week is more than you were posting before! :) So that's progress! And you posted while single parenting which is especially impressive!

Way to go on resisting a free cookie! That takes some serious will power!

I would say I am middle of the road in terms of how much I share. I share very little on Facebook now that it's not on my phone. I probably only post something on there about once a month? And I probably post about 3 pictures a week on IG. But I'm pretty open on my blog and try to post 2-3 times a week. I think I am paranoid about oversharing because a lot of my friends aren't big on sharing things on social media so I don't want to stand out as an over sharer... But a lot of my friends live far away so social media is the easiest way to feel close to them/aware of what's happening in their lives so sometimes I wish some friends would share more!

Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

I try not to overshare, but I'm sure I probably do :) I don't think of you as an oversharer at ALL, if that helps ha ha!
I don't know how people parent alone and I'm lucky I rarely have to do it. Eric still has work this week and was gone yesterday from 6:30am to 7:30pm, it was an insanely long day for me ha ha. I recognize what a brat I am but I really find it hard!

StephTheBookworm said...

I'm the same way in that I share a lot more online than in person. Much easier for me to form my thoughts coherently online than in person. :)

Allison Nimlos said...

Yes! There is a difference between cold brew and regular iced coffee. With cold brew, the coffee is already brewed with cold water, whereas a regular iced coffee is hot coffee that you need to add a lot of ice to it. Often times you need a lot of ice and usually you need to also wait for it to cool down. Cold brew is already cold, and it's usually not as watered down because you don't have to use as much ice to give it the chilled temperature. So that means cold brew has a much stronger flavor to it, and you're usually getting more coffee. I always order cold brew if it's an option, and it usually doesn't cost much more.

Hope that helps!

Shoshanah said...

I'm definitely a lurker on Facebook. I think part of it is I'm "friends" with so many people that it stops me from posting too much. I post the most on Instagram. Although don't post as much lately, but that's more because Elley is non-stop on the go and it's hard to get an actual picture of her.

Amber said...

I kind of go back and forth. I share A LOT when we are traveling. But other than that I don't tend to share too many things on Facebook unless I'm at an event like a race or something. And definitely everything I share is the positive and happy stuff which is not an accurate reflection of my life every day, all day at all! I have been the WORST for Facebook scrolling lately. I decided I need to take the app off my phone, it's gotten so bad!

Meghan said...

I think I'm right in the middle on Facebook. Twitter seems to be where my random brain thoughts happen, I feel like I need less of a filter because I don't have all of my family on there? I don't know. I love scrolling through Instagram and am trying to do a photo a day over there, but I am usually playing catch up on that ha!