Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Love that I am off work for five days.
Hate that these five days are going to fly by.

Love that I have today off.
Hate that to get this day off, I had to exhaust myself last week with several double-digit hour work days to prepare and conduct parent/teacher conferences.

Love that I got my new Plum Paper planner in the mail yesterday.
Hate that I have to wait until January to use it.

Love how pretty the snow is during this time of year and am grateful to live somewhere with four distinct seasons.
Hate the ice and slippery conditions that almost 100% of the time come with the pretty snow.

Love that Christmas is coming up and I am beginning to think about gifts for loved ones.
Hate that such a special and significant religious holiday has been taken over by consumerism.

Love that I have so much reading material to dive into over the next several days.
Hate that my attention span is about the size of a gnat these days.

Love that I discovered through a mutual friend (and not on a social networking site) that a dear friend of mine is expecting. Yay, babies!
Hate that so much tends to be communicated through social networking these days. Phone conversations are so refreshing when they do happen.

Love that I got all my Christmas cards from Walgreens for less than $30.
Hate that I now have to address them and send them out (along with all of our wedding thank you notes).

Love that my husband is so frugal.
Hate that my husband is so frugal.

Love that there are so many plates of yummy food everywhere this time of year.
Hate that that yummy food loves to settle in on my waistline (and bum and thighs ...)

What are your loves and hates today?


The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

haha i ditto the husband comment! i love that im cuddled with my girl today but hate it is because she i not feeling well.

Julie said...

I hear ya on the break from teaching. I get 5 days off but before I can blink it'll be time to go back. Then 18 days until 2 weeks off!!

Jayme Shelby said...

Love this post.
Hate that it won't let me comment with the right account. ;)

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

Your last one is SO TRUE! And I like the fact that you said "bum".

We do not get snow in San Francisco, but I love that I only have to drive 2 hours to be in the mountains, which are full of snow in the winter! It's the best of both worlds. I do not miss those nose freezing days of Iowa, or the ice or driving in the snow!

San said...

I agree about the social media part... it's great to just interact casually, but when big announcements are made over social media and you don't hear from the person directly? Bummer!

I love Christmas and giving gifts, but also struggle with the fact that it's so much about consumerism. I think it's not about how big or expensive a gift is, but about the thought behind it.

Amber said...

This is such a great post idea. I might have to rip it off this week! The last two about your husband crack me up. I would say I LOVE that my husband never hesitates to spoil me and us but HATE that he's not more frugal :) haha

Hope your five days off didn't go by *too* quickly!