Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sunday Social

Happy Sunday, friends! Are Sundays depressing to you? Are you someone that dreads going back to work on Monday? I don't necessarily dread it, because I do love what I do, but having days off to do with what I please is definitely what I prefer! I think we would all agree there ...

Today I'm participating in Sunday Social and I'm pretty sure it's my first time! Woo hoo! First timer here! :)

1. 5 Things you want us to know about you
  •  My name is Amber, and I don't really live on a farm or amongst the cornfields. I do live in Iowa thought and adore the Midwest. 
  • I have been told I have more of a "southern" personality though and have been told I'm "too nice" more than once or twice. 
  • I'm a 4th grade teacher and I love my career!
  • I am a major book junkie and am not safe in a bookstore. 
  • I love to work out, especially running and Zumba, but am currently in a big exercise slump! Look for a post about that another day ...
2. 5 Favorite things about blogging
  • Connecting with others and building relationships, FOR SURE. I have made so many lifelong friendships as a direct result of blogging, so it will always be dear to my heart. 
  • Ahem, the perks. Will I review a book if you send it to me, hell yes, I will! 
  • Learning. I learn about so much through others' posts. I learn about new authors, books, products to try. Love it. 
  • The artistic outlet. I've always been a writer, but it has definitely slowed down as I get older. I tend to forget how much I enjoy the act of journaling and writing out my thoughts, whether they are for the public, or just for me.   
  • The giveaways. I love to enter giveaways. Love, love, love it! It does get time-consuming, so I tend to go through phases with it! I do find it fun though. :)  
3. 5 Things you are doing before the year is over
  • Attending three weddings
  •  Visiting Minneapolis twice! Once for a wedding (next weekend!) and once for a book festival. Can't wait for both! 
  • Finally getting my name officially changed. I've been putting it off. Ugh. 
  • Updating our kitchen and replacing the tile. 
  • Hopefully having a small housewarming party to show our friends and family our new house!
4. 5 Favorite Fall Fashion Staples
  • Leggings, leggings, leggings! 
  • Quickly following leggings, that perfect pair of brown leather boots. 
  • Scarves
  • Jean jackets. Perfect for turning a more summery look into a fall look and keeping you warm!
  • Hoodies 
5. 5 Favorite beauty products
  • Covergirl Fresh Complexion Pocket Powder was my absolute favorite pressed powder, but I am pretty sure it has been discontinued! Sob! I got something that was in a similar casing, called Ready, Set, Gorgeous Pressed Powder (awful name, IMO) and it seems to pretty much the same formula. Hopefully, it is, I haven't been using it long and still have some of the old kind left, so I find myself digging for the old one a lot!
  • Covergirl Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner. This eyeliner has been my go-to for MANY years. Probably since high school! Every time I try something new, I always end up going back to this kind. 
  • Bare Minerals Concealer in Well Rested. I use this as sort of a highlighter, mainly under my eyes. I really love it!
  • Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream. Not only does a jar of this last more than a year, but it does a great job of moisturizing my skin overnight. I use this the most when I need it during the harsh winter months, and only use it at night because its very thick.
  • Covergirl Bombshell Volume mascara. This mascara is amazing if you like thick, long dramatic lashes. Who doesn't, right?! I got this from Influenster and it might be my very favorite thing I have ever received from them because I use this daily! 
     Well, I clearly have a thing for Covergirl! I have not noticed that before! Ha!
What are some of your favorite beauty products? What product have you been using the longest? For me, it is definitely that eyeliner. I have probably gone through over 100 tubes in my lifetime. That's a lot of eyeliner!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

This was fun to read! I agree that you sort of strike me as someone from the south. You have a sweet disposition about yourself and I feel at times you almost have a very slight southern accent!

I don't have any beauty products that I have been using for a long time, actually! My favorite these days are the arbonne products that Becky got me hooked on. I love their face wash, toner, and face creams. I feel like my skin feels so much smoother since I started using them!

Shoshanah said...

Changing your name is definitely a pain. And while I do have the major things changed (SS card, drivers license, Health Insurance), I still have yet to change most of my bank accounts or credit cards. But I figure it will eventually happen, right?

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

I use the cetaphil cream too. Love it! I also love a 99 cent eye pencil that I get that I love. It is a brown/black or something and it's the one thing I use daily.

Amber said...

Such a fun post! Tucking this away as a good idea for the next time I can't come up with a post!

Over the last 1.5 years I've been turned to MAC make-up products by my best friend and also by my coworker. They are so expensive but I LOVE their beauty products. I currently use their concealer, powder, eyeliner and eyeshadow on a daily basis. And they last so long so I figure are worth the money! I used to buy all my makeup at the drug store so this was a big step up for me. haha

Nora said...

a book festival in MN? It's not near me but how fun!

If you love books and every want an excuse to come to STL, we have a huge book fair every April. All used books but in great condition and the prices are ah-mazing. Lots of kid books and of course everything else under the sun. It's free! It's my favorite. Just thought I'd put that idea out there.

And yes, Sundays often make me sad, especially once it's after dinner on Sunday nights!