Sunday, April 6, 2014

Workout Wrap-up

Howdy! How was your weekend? Mine was almost exactly like last weekend, and I have to say, I'm enjoying our weekends where it is all about exercise, togetherness and errands around town/house. Next weekend we will be in Spencer, so I relished this weekend and felt so, so good.

Before the weekend, though? Not so much. I wasn't sick or anything, I was just tired. Nothing was getting me motivated and all I wanted to do each day was curl up in bed with book. So much so, that I thought about calling in sick on Friday. However, I did not and I powered through to finish out the work week strong. This sluggish feeling did not help me with my activity level though ... see for youself:

Monday - 11,349 steps. 60 minute Zumba class. This class was with an instructor that I do not usually go to, but I had a lot of fun!

Tuesday - 10,377 steps. Rest day ... I honestly do not know how I made it to 10K steps.

Wednesday - 10,102 steps. This day I tried to run and I got about a mile away from home and was just not feeling it. Ended up home after one mile of running. Better than nothing, right?

Thursday - 12,170 steps. 60 minute Zumba class. I could barely make it through this class. My body was just saying no, no, no.

Friday - 11,115 steps. Rest day ...  No idea how I made it to this many steps either. Apparently the Fitbit is helping me to move more in general!

Saturday - 24,507 steps. 60 minute Zumba class and 2 hour bike ride. This was my first long bike ride on the new bike. I'm definitely getting better at using the gears to improve my efficiency, now I just have to work on keeping up with the guys! I had only one mishap after leaving Mullet's and I could not get my foot back in the pedal with the strap on. It was probably the one beer I had with lunch (I'm a lightweight) but, it seriously took me about 8 tries to get my foot in there and get going. Talk about embarrasing!

Sunday - 10,122 steps. 45 minute bike ride (10 miles). This bike ride was painful. My bum is so sore I could barely sit down the entire ride!

Well, tomorrow starts the infamous Dietbet and I am officially nervous. After weighing in and sending my pictures, it just hit me. This is going to be hard! I have got the working out part down, but the eating part? I struggle. Hopefully this Dietbet (with money on the line!) is the kick in the pants I need!

Have you ever bet money on something like a diet? What's your go to method for dropping some lbs?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I think it's impressive that you still got lots of steps in even on your rest days! Way to go! And that is great that you are getting more comfortable with biking. I would like to buy a bike when I move back. Now that I am doing more than just running and am not training for a full marathon, I have time/desire to add in biking!

Good luck with the diet bet! I hope you win as the money would be awesome. I thought about doing it but opted not to as losing 4% would have brought me down the lowest I would like to go with my weight so i think I would have been setting myself up for failure. So instead I am tracking my measurements starting this month so I can see if the strength training I am doing makes a difference!

Julie said...

Good job lady! I forget, how many steps are you trying to get in daily?

Amber said...

Great job! If your body asks you to rest you should listen to it. Your body knows best!

I know it's only day #1 but I'm already having so much fun with the dietbet! It's inspiring to know so many other people are also doing it at the same time and to have the DietBet group and the Facebook group to post in and stay inspired!

Anonymous said...

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