Thursday, April 3, 2014

Three Things Thursday

Thursday's almost over, but, whatever. I still felt the urge to get a post up, so here I am.

This week could not end soon enough. I have been so sluggish and tired all week and I have a theory it can be attributed to my unhealthy eating. This week has been especially bad and I'm hoping that by cleaning it up (starting with dinner tonight!) I can start to feel more energetic.

Anyway, I thought'd I'd participate in a quick three things Thursday. Three things that have been on my mind these days.

1. Another reason I could be so sluggish is everything that is going on. There's some stuff I have not even shared yet on the blog (but I will soon!) and there are times where I just feel. so. overwhelmed. To put it this way here's my 2014: Second half of my first year of teaching, planning a wedding and getting married, moving in with my fiance and living with a guy for the first time, packing up my classroom due to construction, and buying a house (yep, yep. We close April 14th. More soon). I've done a great job at just dealing with one thing at a time and not getting stressed out, but this week I have been feeling all the things and have felt like curling up into a ball and hibernating for a couple weeks.

2. My clothes are getting bigger and my ring officially needs to be sized AGAIN. It almost flew off in Zumba tonight (that is bad, guys) and my straps on my tank top were literally slipping off my shoulders. I had to tuck them into my bra straps so they would stay where they need to be! Yesterday I placed a order and pants and a top in a Medium. I have never felt such anxiety over ordering something other than a Large, but it felt AWESOME. I am ready to get rid of my size large workout gear!! :)

3. I am really excited for Amber's Dietbet to start on Monday! I bet $25 and the pot is up to over $3,000 right now! I know that money will be a motivator for me and I'm hoping that next week I find some inspiration to eat cleaner and workout harder. I am determined to drop at least 4% of my body weight so I can win some cashola! ;)

4. Okay, I decided to go with four. Maybe I should name this Four on Friday? No? Ok.

Number four may be a bit of a rant. I'm sorry. I love my job, but there are days where I sit and just stew about how much work we are expected to get done. At the elementary level we get ONE hour per day to plan and grade. ONE HOUR. I teach math, word work, writing, reading, science and social studies. I have to plan lessons for each area and then grade assessments in each area. Can that all be planned for and work checked with one hour per day? Absolutely not. If I could, I would personally go back and thank each and every one of my teachers.

Oh, and there are about 40 days left til summer break. I am so ready.

That's it for me! I'm watching Parenthood (is Julia dating?!) and then hitting the hay. Night, all! :)


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

First off - I do NOT like the Julia/Joel story line in Parenthood at all. :/ I am so disappointed that she is already dating (or that is what it looked like based on the previews, I haven't watched it because it comes on at 10 pm here which is ridiculous. Another reason I hate living here is the tv schedule!).

You have definitely had a stressful year and have handled it so well so I can see why you are hitting your wall and just ant to sort of hibernate. I have been really stressed lately and this week I texted my sister and said that if she needed me, I'd be curled up in the fetal position under my desk. Ha. So I sort of feel your pain as it's been a stressful phase for me (but in a totally different way and I def have less big things happening!).

Shoshanah said...

Congrats on your new house! I remember it being so stressful waiting for closing to finally arrive. And then once it does you actually have to starting painting and moving everything. But it's so worth it! Of course we've started talking about buying a new house, which I'm really, really not looking forward to the hassle of.

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

I am so behind on parenthood. I need to restart it! and I get irritated because I get 15 minutes of morning prep and 15 minutes at the end of the day. then all my prep is on Friday's cuz you don't possibly need more prep time during the freaking week!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I totally know how it feels to be stressed out with moving, a job and buying a home. I swear it was probably the most I had ever felt stressed out in my life.

Lesli said...

Yay for size Medium. Proud of my pal!! xoxo

Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

For some weird reason this post just popped up in my feedly now like almost a month late lol. ANYWAY, I hope all is okay and that what you have not yet shared is a GOOD thing and not a bad one. But you have lots of good things happening right now but all are a bit stressful too. I can't imagine just having it be my first year teaching AND planning a wedding, that alone is a lot!
Also, I obviously hear you on the teaching thing. I have only 30 minutes per day, so it's crazy. I feel like your day might be longer than mine though. Anyway, it's just ridiculous and clearly everything cannot be done in that time. I know a lot of people who are not teachers think it can be, my mom was just asking me why I need to get to school so early in the morning I'm like WHEN am I going to get my work done otherwise? It DOES get better after your first year though. I promise!

Emmy said...

Hey girl, hey! I nominated you for a Liebster award. Check out my blog for details. :)