Sunday, January 27, 2013

I'm here!

:::wind blowing:::

That is the sound of me blowing off the dust on my blog! I don't know if I will be back regularly - which, let's face it, I probably won't. Life is just too busy and I am beginning to think I am outgrowing this space.

But, in regular blogger fashion, how about I update you all via everybody's favorite method? Bullets.

  • Last week I turned 31. Which is just weird. I am still not used to being 30 and now I am 31? Just weird. My birthday was great though and I was definitely spoiled with giftcards from family, new boots from the boyfriend and charms for my Pandora bracelet from friends. I definitely feel loved! 
  • My New Year's resolution of working out even more is going great with the help of GymPact. Last week I upped my commitment to five days a week for at least 30 minutes. Each workout I miss will cost me $5. Since I am cheap, I refuse to let that happen! Today I needed to get in my fifth workout (they have to be done by Sunday evening) and as I left campus at five and headed to the gym, I realized I forgot shoes. Ugh! So, I got home and decided to go on a walk for 30 minutes with Zeke... in the drizzling freezing rain. Ha! It was about 37 degrees, so it wasn't too slippery, but here is how I looked... It's a little dark, but I've got on my new boots (love them!) running tights and a running jacket. Oh, and a hat, since it was drizzling a little bit! If it wasn't for GymPact, that walk would not have happened AT ALL, I am sure of it.
  • Tomorrow I start student teaching. It is crazy to me that this journey is almost over! I have begun the application process with two districts and had a very short preliminary interview on Saturday. It is all so surreal and I know this semester is going to fly by and then I will be done with my Master's degree! 
  • I have been a reading fiend this month, which is exactly what I wanted to do. Right now I am reading Off Balance which is Dominque Moceanu's memoir and I am LOVING it! 
So, tell me something new! What is going on in your life these days? 

PS: If you want to join GymPact with me and get $5, ask me how! 


Julie said...

Tons of luck meeting your kiddos tomorrow - you will love student teaching, as long as you have a great mentor teacher :)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Thanks for checking in - I miss your posts so hope you don't abandon this space for good!!

Good luck with your first day. I am sure you will do great and can't wait to hear all about how the experience goes. My fingers are crossed that you get a job as I know that will be a huge relief!!

Becky said...

I'm with Lisa - don't say goodbye quite yet!

I've been a knitting fiend this month because I was trying to finish a baby blanket for my cousin's baby shower this past weekend. I did and it feels so nice to be done with it and to pass it on to her. I still have lots of knitting projects to work on, but this frees up my time a little to read too! Wahoo!

Carolina John said...

Happy birthday! Enjoy the student teaching.

Amber said...

"I am beginning to think I am outgrowing this space." -- I can really relate to that!

I'm glad you are still checking in from time to time though :)

I just saw on Facebook that you had a great first day student teaching. So glad to hear it!!

P said...

Happy belated 31st! I'm intrigued by the idea of Gym Pact - assuming it works on some sort of honour system because how can you prove you exercised? I'm fascinated!

Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

I'm with Lisa and Becky, hope you don't abandon the space all together :) Just remember, it's not an obligation so just check in whenever you feel like it!

I can't wait to hear how your student teaching goes!

Lesli said...

I love memoirs--I might want to read this!

Lesli said...

p.s. So glad I got to see you last night - even though it was short and sweet--enjoy your zumba bracelet!!


Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Aw, I'm so glad you checked in! I'm such a horrible friend. I don't think I wished you happy birthday! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

I am doing about as great blogging (and commenting) lately as you are. I think life just got in the way! I hope you are out there having fun and we will see you back here when you get back!