Thursday, October 4, 2012

New habits are... good for your brain?

Hey, hey, heeeeyyyy... Ya'll get me twice in one week. Don't you feel special?

(you totally should) 

Tonight I bought new running shoes, and as I left the store (which was Kyle's Bike's and Running Store in Ankeny and I got Brooks instead of Asics this time. Thoughts?) I was reflecting on how many new things I have learned this year. Willingly, I have picked up at least two new hobbies and I am starting a new hobby this semester...

So, obviously the first hobby is running. I can honestly say that I loved running when I was training for Dam to Dam. This time around training + grad school + trying to work 30 hours a week = insanity. But, I do still like running and I do still want to continue the hobby.

The other hobby is knitting (I'm pretty horrid at it right now, but I'll get better). I took a class at Hill Vintage and Knits and I really like it! I wanted to learn so I can (obviously) make cool stuff and hopefully someday teach my own children.

The third hobby is chess. Yes, chess. Why chess? Well, let me tell you.

This semester I am working with the I Have a Dream Foundation here in Des Moines and helping with an after school program at Callanan Middle School. These kids are some pretty serious chess players (and if you're familiar with Des Moines Public Schools and aware of the demographics at this school, that is a pretty spectacular skill these 7th graders possess!)

Wednesday was our first day of the program and I knew going into it that learning to play chess was going to help me get an "in" with these kids. I immediately asked one of the kids to teach me all they knew about the game. I am not-so-good so far, but I not-so-much caring because I'm learning and I will get better with time! I'm really excited to be working this group of kids and for THEM to teach ME something!

So, there you have it. Running, knitting and chess playing! Hey, learning new things and creating new habits is good. It creates new neural pathways in the brain which keeps your brain strong and healthy and .... I'll stop geeking out here. ;)

What new skill have you learned this year? What is one hobby that you have always wanted to start, but just have not gotten around to?

PS: I will totally be back with a review of the Brooks running shoes. I learned quite a bit at the running store tonight - including the fact that I was in shoes an entire SIZE TOO SMALL. Thanks, Scheels.


Julie said...

I would love to be a runner - just am not there yet!

p S h A o R t A o said...

I remember learning chess for the first time! And I practiced through games online to get better at it.

I have been doing more cardio and weightlifting, if that counts. And does wedding planning count too?! Because I have been doing that all year now.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

That is awesome that you have picked up these new hobbies in the midst of a very busy year! I haven't really learned anything new this year, I have more so delved more into the hobby of running, and lately I have been knitting more, which is typical as I usually don't knit much during the summer and then pick it up again in the fall!

I don't know how to play chess either, but would love to learn. My nephew is starting chess club this month, which I think is so cool!

Alexson said...

I LOVE my Brooks! I have the Pure Connects and can't wait to trade up to the new model they are about to release. They seriously upped my game and getting properly fit by the pros makes such a difference.
Which ones did you get?

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

I am an Asics wearer, and I do not like Brooks, but each person has a different foot and needs different support and width and everything. As for the size, I wear a half a size bigger in running shoes than I do in regular shoes, since your feet do flatten and swell etc. I am glad you got the right size and I hope the Brooks work for you!