Monday, September 10, 2012

Sometimes, you've just gotta vent

Sometimes, you've just gotta let it all out and just bitch about stuff. Riiiight? Right.

99.9% of the time I am one of those overly positive people that tries almost too hard to see the silver lining in every situation (which, I truly believe there is a silver lining) but last week just kicked my ass.

I blogged last week about my shitty week (very randomly I might add, and I realize that post was all over the place). I like blogs that are real and put the good and bad out there instead of pretending everything is rainbows and sunshine all the time, because, lets face it. It's not. We all have those moments where life kicks us where it hurts. I am however one of those people that think things can always be worse and despite my complaining, things really aren't that bad.

Anyway. Back to my bad week.

The week did not end any better. Friday afternoon right before heading out to happy hour with some girlfriends I dropped my phone face first onto the cement in front of my garage. At first I didn't think much of it (except for, "Oh shit"). A second later I picked it up and let out a loud gasp - the screen was COMPLETELY shattered. Pieces of glass were falling off of it and the screen was just splintered, like a broken mirror. Shockingly, I did not start immediately crying (which is what I normally would do). I was just pissed. Because, really world?? Really!?

The phone still worked normally (shocking, right?) and the only problem with it is texting is a little harder because of all the cracks. I ended up going to happy hour and just venting for the first, oh, I don't know... 15 minutes?! Pretty sure my friends were annoyed to be at that happy hour because I was not a happy camper.  But, then again, I refer you back to this blog post's title. Sometimes. You've. Just. Gotta. Let. It. Out.

Luckily, I have had the iPhone for 18 months now so I am eligible for an upgrade. I am bummed though, because I wanted to wait for the iPhone 5 (I have a 4). I have insurance on my phone, so I figured I would pay the fee for the replacement and then just trade that one in for the 5 when it comes out. Then later that night I got on Verizon's website and went to fill out the claim for the replacement phone.

To get a replacement phone it would cost $169. 

WTF? That is the price of the upgrade!

I pay $10/month for insurance and you're going to charge me the same amount of money as an upgrade?? That's absurd! So, instead of getting the replacement I went ahead and used my upgrade for the 4s. Hopefully the 5 isn't that cool, because I will not be getting it for at least 18 months, but I just don't care anymore. Just give me an iPhone that works and isn't shattered. The end.

The rest of my weekend was pretty event free. After happy hour I headed home, hung out with my sister and her bf for awhile (we're all doing much better, thankyou. Crisis/blowout averted), watched a movie and then slept a solid 8 hours. My sister and I woke up Saturday morning and headed out to the downtown farmer's market (our favorite weekend activity). Later that day I headed over to one of my best friend's house to watch the Iowa/Iowa State game (where ISU WON!!! Wooo hooo! Go state!). That night I was home early, but 9:30 and I settled in to read for awhile, but the next thing I knew, I woke up and it was 3 am, the book was on my chest and I'm still in my clothes... I must've been tired! Sunday I woke up after another solid night of sleep and got ready for my long run this week. I had a great 8 mile run, and I really hope I can keep this momentum up. I'm planning a post later this week of how training is going this time, so look for that if you're interested!

So, that's it for me! I'm out.

Hope you all had a good weekend, what did you do?


Becky said...

Oh my gosh that sucks, I'm sorry! Have you gotten your replacement phone yet or are you still waiting? Glad you at least got some sleep at the end of your rough week!

This weekend I went to the Baltimore Comic Con with Ben and Mike, and then yesterday was spent apple picking, knitting, and watching football! GREAT but exhausting weekend!

Jennifer Delle Fave said...

So sorry your week was so rough!! I hope that this is much better for you. When I get times like that, I just stop. I try to just take it easy, stop doing so much and look at it as the universe telling me something. I hear ya bout the's crazy how dependent we are, and yet they don't make it (cheap) or easy to get new ones if need be!! Time for your favorite bottle of wine (or beer?) and a bubble bath. Here's to a great week!!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Ugh, that sucks about your phone. :(

My weekend was about as good as a weekend spent very ill can be. I spent the entire weekend on the couch and missed out on a weekend of gorgeous weather. So I am not exactly a ray of sunshine right now either as I am still really sick. I pretty much hate my non-existant immune system right now.

Kara said...

I had an insurance plan for my phone and it turned out to be a rip off! I'd have to pay a deductible, and then the company would only replace my phone with the same one, no upgrade! I canceled the plan because it wasn't worth the $7/month.

Kara said...

I had an insurance plan for my phone and it turned out to be a rip off! I'd have to pay a deductible, and then the company would only replace my phone with the same one, no upgrade! I canceled the plan because it wasn't worth the $7/month.

Kara said...

I had an insurance plan for my phone and it turned out to be a rip off! I'd have to pay a deductible, and then the company would only replace my phone with the same one, no upgrade! I canceled the plan because it wasn't worth the $7/month.

Nora said...

Don't get me started on phones/phone companies/the carriers. It's so ridiculous how much money these people make off of us! Drives me up the wall. And yet, there is no better or other solution.

Glad that the run was great and congrats to ISU on the win. They showed the score at the football game I went to on Saturday and a lot of people were happy!

chandra said...

I for one was not at all annoyed by your happy hour venting - we all need to do it once and a while and what better time than over beers with girlfriends?! I'm sure you'll get to hear me do it one of these day too. :)

Stephany said...

Oh, my gosh! How sucky!! I don't have insurance on my phone and it scares me to DEATH about something happening to it. I really should get insurance on it but man... not sure if it's even worth it! Geez.

Shoshanah said...

The boy had his iphone stolen fairly recently, and when I called in to have it deactivated and wanted to use the insurance, they told me it would be cheaper to use our upgrade to replace it. Except since we share an account the upgrade was technically the one for my phone, so I still have a few more months before our account is eligible for a new phone. I think the only time insurance is worth it is if something happens almost right after you guy the phone. But still, it doesn't seem to be worth it in most cases.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Oh no! I hate that it happened to your phone. I have ATT and let me tell you, they LOVE to rip people off. I upgraded right before I moved and I couldn't even get the s because they wanted like 200 from me and I hadn't upgraded in 2 years!!!