Friday, July 3, 2009


So, tonight I had to work with the person in suspect that I mention here.


I'm so angry, I want to scream at her. I want to confront her. I want to fire her.

But, I can't.

It isn't my job. It's loss prevention's job. (dammit)

She's going on vacation after today until Tuesday (luckily, it's not paid) so we won't have to deal with her until then. On Tuesday is when LP will speak with her, and hopefully it is the end of this. I'm praying it is.

Anyway, so today I basically kept my mouth shut all night. It was either that or rip her lying head off. She asked me if I was okay and said I seemed upset. I cited a headache for my unusual behavior and she seemed to accept that. For the time being. As the night wore on I could tell she sensed something was wrong but didn't ask me anymore questions, thank God.

We both had to close the store together, and usually we walk out into the parking lot to our cars together. I wanted to get away from her as quickly as possible so as soon we locked the door I told her I was meeting a friend for a movie and took off toward the movie theater. From there I stood in the food court and counted to 100, then left. Awful, right? It was all I could think of.

As I left the mall I decided to run into the grocery store to pick up something to eat for dinner. As I was about to get out of my car I see a car like hers.

Then her husband gets out.

Then, I freak out.

Luckily I don't think she saw me. Luckily my car is rather common so she may not have noticed me, but then again I don't know.


Thank goodness I don't have to see her again til Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

goodness...don't you hate those awkward moments, where you can just cut the tension with a knife? there is a girl at my office who i'm with and i do my best to avoid her...ugh.

good luck sweety!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Oh that sounded so awkward. If she mentions that she saw you just tell her your plans changed. Hopefully it'll all get taken care of and you won't have to deal with any of this anymore!

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

Ugh, that sounds TERRIBLE! At least she'll be gone SOON!

marisol said...

That is awkward! Hopefully this situation will be resolved soon.

SassyGirl said...

Well, she'll be out of there soon.
But it really sucks that you had to discover this about her.

Pursuit of Matching Accessories said...

I hope they nail her ass!

OceanDreams said...

Oh no, that is not fun when you have to work with someone who does not nice things and doesn't have good work integrity. Hope that all gets resolved. Enjoyed your blog!