Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The last text message post... promise.

So, the shit really hit the fan Sunday night. Things are over, and I can officially say I do not want them to ever start back up again with "the boy". I know I didn't properly give him a nickname and "the boy" has kind of stuck. In the end, it has proved to be very fitting.

Sunday night I had a floorset organized for my store. We're starting to get back to school merchandise and cycling out a lot of summer merchandise (crazy, right?) so we're getting ready to get started and it starts storming really bad out. Then there are reports of tornados on the ground in neighboring suburbs to where I am. I'm a midwest girl, so it doesn't phase me. We keep working.

Well, the storms got worse and the news starts advising people to head to the basements. The mall evacuated everyone into the tornado shelters, which is where I ended up spending the next 30 minutes. I had no idea what it was doing out there, and it was kind of freaking me out.

I text "the boy" that I'm stuck in a tornado shelter, unsure of what it's like outside and said that I was freaked out.

No response.

Now, I'm a big girl. I don't need a guy to protect me, but I do need to know if the guy I'm seeing cares about my safety. Clearly, he didn't. Now, you might be wondering, was I worried about him? Yes, which is why I wanted to start up a conversation with him while I was sitting in a tornado shelter.

So later, after I canceled the floorset, my assistant and I were sitting in my living room talking and he said I should text him and tell him I'm fine (sarcastically, of course), so I did.

Here's how it went....

Me: I'm fine in case you were wondering
Him: Sorry. Sister and brother in law came by and we grilled out
Me: You're lucky the tornado didn't get your grill. I'll see you around

I know, I'm a sarcastic b**** when I'm mad

Him: Are you mad?
Me: Yes

I finally fessed up, usually I say no

Him: Wow, what the f*** did I do?
Me: It's more like a lack of what you didn't do
Him: Guess I didn't get the memo that I had a girlfriend and sudden obligations now
Me: Wow, you're a real a** hole, you know I have not expected a relationship but I expected to at least be treated like a friend.
Him: I'm an a** hole? Why? Cause I didn't text you back because I was with family? Exactly why we aren't together...EXACTLY.
Me:No, forget the night you made movie plans and stood me up? Forget all the times you flat out ignored me and I let it slide? Don't turn this around on me. That's why you're an a** hole.
Him: What the f*** ever, the world doesn't revolve around you
Me: Lose my number, _________. I don't ever want to hear from you again
Him: Fine
Me It's funny that the world revolves around me when I expect someone to follow through. Thanks for the lesson.
Him: You get pissed off cause I didn't text you back about a tornado that didn't even touch down
Me: No, it's not about the f***** tornado! It's everything! I don't deserve to be blown off by anyone, how do you not see how rude you have been to me?
Him:I don't deal with anyone else's drama and you're no different. Peace.
Him: I don't have anything else to say because unlike you I don't want to get into saying harsh things. I already made that mistake with someone else.

Me: Your words were just as harsh.
Him: I'm done

That was it.

Want to know my first thoughts afterwards?

I just got into a fight via TEXT MESSAGE!

What is this? Seriously? Seventh grade? What would have made it even better if it was on AOL Instant Messenger.

I don't think I was wrong here... I was pretty much bound to blow up at some point. I truly do not want to hear from ever again. I know I'm not self centered as he implied nor dramatic. (Well, obviously a little dramatic, I mean come on, I'm posting this on the internet! Ha!) This has definitely taught me to not put up with anything, especially in the beginning.
I truly do not want to hear from him ever again. If he really thinks those things about me, then I definitely don't want to be around him.

Ahhh well, you live and learn. Right?


Just a Girl said...

Ahh I feel like dejavu..
Sorry the boy was not that boy.

What I have found is the boys are the drama kings and manipulate...

Hope the next couple days are ok...

caterpillar85 said...

well at least he acted his name... "boy" not "man". but i am sorry you had to deal with this and i hope you can see the good in all of this. you certainly don't deserve this and should be with someone who wants to date you, see you and his making the effort with you, not the other way around. chin up girl :)

Jenny Georgio-who said...

Amber! I'm so glad that you've cut him loose. You mostdef do not deserve a guy like that. Any guy that you are interested in for a relationship should stop grilling his steak and text you back just to make you feel a bit more comfortable! You are right, he's just a boy and you aren't at the stage in your life when you want a need a man!

Oh well, you live and learn!

Lesli said...

Well, forget him! This just leaves you free to meet someone else who deserves you!!!!

Mrs. Nurse said...

You def. deserve better. He sounds like a real douche!

Amber said...

Thanks guys! I'm strangely very content. I'm just disappointed it ended in some blow out like this. I don't like fighting with people or saying mean things, but honestly, I was pushed over the edge! It was bound to happen.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

The fact that he said "Peace" for the word goodbye sent me right back to the 9th grade.

I think you did the right thing. This boy...and that's clearly what he is, is by far not grown up.