Thursday, January 22, 2009

Interview Questions!

Here are my answers from Slice of Pink's interview! :) Thanks Janet!

1. Where would you like to live?

This is a difficult question for me. There are so many fabulous places where I would love to live. Not just visit, LIVE! I love seeing how other people do their daily activites and learn from them. Some of the places that pop in my mind are:
Edinburough, Scotland
London, England
Anywhere in Southern California
New York, New York

2. White, milk, or dark chocolate?

I do not discriminate against chocolate... I like it all! If I had to choose though it may go in this order:
> Milk
> White
> Dark

3. What are you looking forward to in 2009?

I'm looking forward to sort of "re-inventing" myself. I am hoping to go back to school for a Masters in Education or possibly another Bachelors. I really want to be an elementary school teacher, so I'm ready to get going on that goal!

4. What is your greatest extravagance?

My greatest extravagance is definitely my closet. It's ridiculous how much I have in there and probably don't wear. I really should make myself go through it and donate everything I haven't worn in the past couple years or so.

5. You win $10,000, all of which you must spend on one fabulous party. What would you celebrate and how?

If I must spend it on one fabulous party (because what else would I do with it?), I would definitely arrange a trip somewhere with my closest friends. Probably Vegas or somewhere just as sinful :) Then when I get home I would use the money (because you know I didn't spend it all gambling!) for a party at home with everyone!

Ok! Now it's your turn! Leave me a comment saying "Interview me!" and I will send you five fabulous questions! :)


Lesli said...

Well, since I neglected to have Janet interview me (although I might still ask her) you can interview me. Or I might just steal your questions. Happy Birthday tomorrow!!!!

Valley Girl said...

I hope you go back to school! A masters is such an accomplishment!