Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Should I, or shouldn't I?

I met this guy Saturday night and we went out for drinks last night. I only allowed myself a couple hours out b/c I knew today would be a long day. We had three drinks each and were out for almost exactly two hours. This guy is pretty much perfect on paper (so far) I'm just trying to decide if I'm physically attracted to him. I definitely think I am a little bit and that it will grow with time. My last boyfriend I wasn't attracted to at all at first, but it grew very quickly and he was my most significant relationship (so far!).
Let's call last night's guy... Dude. Dude wants to go out again tomorrow night to a sushi restaurant. Him and his friends usually go every Thursday night and he wants me to join them tomorrow. I think this is a little odd to be going out with him on a 2nd date to such a regular event with his friends.
Should I go? What would you all do?


Lesli said...

I would definitely go. You will learn more about what kind of person he really is by seeing how he acts around his friends & what kind of friends he has. That is what I think! Plus, I am sure you will have fun--it sounds like a relaxed group date. Maybe you could bring along a girlfriend?

Lys said...

I concur with Lesli (even if I'm a tad late, sorry).

Michelle said...

Ooooh! I saw this too late! What did you do?! Usually a meeting with friends is a huge deal.