Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Week 1 summer report

Hello! More than a week of summer is already over, and is it bad that I already feel like it is going way too fast?! I am trying hard to savor every  minute. In my last post I said I wanted to focus on reading, exercising and time with Elise. If I had to grade myself on how I've been doing, here is how it would end up (I am a teacher, after all!)

Time with Elise: A+
Last week we went to our first Rhyme Time at one of my favorite branches of the Des Moines Public Library, we went mall walking and took a long walk on Monday with some shorter walks every other day. The weather is already steaming up quite a bit so I'm planning on putting on Elise's swimsuit on her for the first time and taking her to a splash pad so she can get acclimated with the water. I would like to take her to the pool sometime too but I do not want to do that by myself. I'm sure her dad would want to see this first, so we will probably wait for a weekend to do that! I am LOVING my time with her and feel so fortunate that I get a little glimpse into the life of a SAHM in the summers.
Elise with her good friend O at the library's rhyme time! O is a little over a year old and Elise is 5 months.

Reading: C-
I've been trying to pick up a book during the small bits of time I come upon (or the large bits of time!) but I always find myself distracted by laundry, dishes, tv or mindlessly scrolling on my phone. The mindlessly scrolling on my phone is the main time sucker and has been a habit I've been trying to break for years now. I think one of these days I am going to do an experiment. Every time I want to pick up my phone throughout the day and I do not have a real purpose (calling or texting someone, looking up valid information), I will instead pick up a book and read. Then I will compare how much I read that day to the day before. I am sure I will be sick over how much reading I could get done if I broke the habit of mindless scrolling!

Exercise: C
I've been dressing the part and talking the talk, but not really walking the walk yet. It's taking a little time to get back into the swing of things, but I'm making baby steps. I've been walking most days, but it has been so hot! I feel terrible strapping Elise into her stroller (which is still the carseat!) when it is 90+ degrees outside. I am sure I'm more uncomfortable than she is, but I still feel bad when I see her cheeks redden from heat and she gets that sticky, sweaty feeling on her skin. This weekend I think she will go to the gym's daycare for the first time while I go to Zumba, which is a huge stepping stone for us. I hope she likes it.
I messed with this picture SO MUCH but still I could not get the picture to insert right side up.

There you have it, my summer report card so far. This week we have a few fun things planned. Lunch with some teacher friends, a meeting with our daycare lady and some crafts for Father's Day! I'll try to check back in later this week. :)


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

One thing that has helped me with the mindless scrolling is taking facebook off my phone. That was such a time suck for me! Giving it up for lent really broke my habit. I did put IG back on my phone after Lent but I don't really spend as much time on there as I would on facebook. It's hard to break out addiction to our phones, though!!

I am glad you are enjoying your time at home with Elise!! She is such a cutie!

Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

Glad you are having such a great start to your summer! I have been bad with the mindless scrolling lately too! Hoping I do more reading this summer!

Amber said...

I'm the WORST at mindless scrolling. I might have to take a page out of Lisa's book and take Facebook off my phone...