Monday, July 23, 2012

Amber's List

That title kind of sounds like Angie's List. Haha! This isn't about that website though. ;) 

I am a big fan of weekly to do lists and having a list of goals to hopefully get done each week keeps me accountable. My Erin Condren planner is a big help with goal setting each week, as there is a spot for goals and to-dos.

Classes are wrapping up, and this week I am working only a few hours, but I still have a hefty to do list. Which, is A-OK with me. I am at my best when I am very busy and I am glad I am aware of this quality of mine.

Here's a peek at my to-do list this week...
  • Pull the ol' bike out of the garage, fill the tires with air, and go on a nice long bike ride! Despite the 100 degree temps that are forecast each day this week, I will still get this done. Luckily, I know of a nice, shaded bike trail very close to me. Sunday morning while in Minneapolis, Angie and I went on a nice 7 mile bike ride through downtown Minneapolis (recap of trip coming tomorrow!) and it was so nice. I definitely want to bike more and want to make this happen. 
  • Plan my wardrobe for DC (it is going to be HOT) and then form a strategy for how to pack using only carry on luggage. Tips?
  • Finish the fourth (and last) section for my online class. It is due August 5th, but seeing as I will be gone at that time, I have to do it early. 
  • Pick up a copy of The Perks of Being a Wallflower and skim through it before Books 'n Bars next week. (When I read it, I borrowed my copy from the library)
  • Renew several certifications for work. ALL of my certifications have to be renewed each year, and all of mine are due to expire in August. I've got my work cut out for me! Luckily, all but one can be completed online and at home. 
This is pretty much it. It is definitely the kind of to do list I like. The perfect amount of work and play.

What's on your list for this week? Do you have a big week planned?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

You can totally get away with carrying on! Roll your dresses, borrow Becky's hair dryer/flat iron, and limit the number of shoes you bring! You can do it! Just think of what you can do with the baggage fees you'll save on (and the time you'll save waiting for your luggage!).

I do not have a big week planned. I do know what is going to happen tomorrow so I made no plans for this week as I will not want to be around anyone if I get disappointing news tomorrow... I will be going to the lake on Saturday after run club, as my brother from Chicago and his family will be there... So at least I'll know that, good or bad news, I'll have the support of family this weekend!

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

I think doing just a carry on is easier when it's hot. Just think dresses and only a couple pairs of versatile shoes. Also you can always hit up Target/Walgreens once you get there for some small toiletries! Have fun!

Carolina John said...

That's a solid list. Looks a lot like my last week, including the trip to DC.

I'm just trying to get through this week. Got a sprint triathlon on saturday and kicking off some new projects.

Anonymous said...

I'm a list girl, too! I'm so excited for my LAST class to end! I'll have so much free time! =)

Anonymous said...

The key is in the footwear! Plan all your outfits around two pairs and you'll be set. Any toiletry item you may happen to not bring can be easily picked up at a Walgreens or CVS. Rolling is a good way to save space. Dressing in layers at the airport is a good strategy as well. Remember: you need much less stuff than you think you need. Or, this is what I always tell myself.

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Think I spelled toiletry wrong?? You know what I mean though!

San said...

I love lists and I use my Erin Condren planer for that as well. :) It's so nice to check things off the list!

Lesli said...

I am flying to Vegas on Friday on Spirit and they charge for both carry-on and checked luggage. They charge more for you to carry on! Which kinda makes me happy because i would rather check my luggage and not have to buy all those little, tiny bottles of things to put in my plastic baggie. Eric is not happy--he totally likes to do carry on. Happy Travels! xoxo

Lexilooo said...

Don't pack sweaters...that is my DC advice for you :) Today it's just in the 80's or so (bliss!), but it is going back to the 100's tomorrow, and I am miserable!

PS. My bf is from Iowa and went to ISU!