Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pushing 30??

The other day my mom commented on how I'm "pushing 30".

Immediately my stomach did a little flip. THIRTY?! Don't I at least get until I'm 27 to be considered "pushing 30"? Isn't 26 still considered mid-twenties? It doesn't really bother me, it was just the term that kinda hit me, and I thought, "wow, I'm getting older..."

I have never been one to boo-hoo over my age. I have always looked forward to getting older. People that sit and whine about how old they are, or hide their age really irritate me. I think it's silly! We should be proud of our age!

What got me was why my mom would comment on that. Is it the fact that she wants to be a Grandma? Or see me wear a wedding dress soon? Probably.

I know it will happen, but she's just going to have to be patient! (and stop making those comments!).


Lesli said...

Amber, i could comment on the age thing....but I always lie about my I am bad.

Hey, how and where did you get that counter? Is that total visitors?

Lesli said...

I found the stat counter. I installed one on my blog this afternoon. VERY interesting! Maybe a good way to catch mean commenters, as well!

Lys said...

I get that all the time. I just do my normal "eye roll" and tell them how I was pretty much married during my 6.5 year engagement and I am fine with being 36 and fabulous.

Tiffany said...

I am just 18 and getting older scares me, I know it is absolutely ridiculous, but it's probably because I worry about everything anyway. I always get defensive when my mom make s comments on my life...I know I shouldn't.

Paige Jennifer said...

Ah, the power of a mother's words. Good times.

PS: Thanks for the link!