Sunday, March 30, 2008

I have a confession...

I have not read any of the books in the Harry Potter series. I have not been living under a rock either. LOL! My father and sister have read them all and just love them! I decided I needed to read them to find out if they're really THAT good! My mom said she pulled them all together for me but couldn't find the first book! I'm bummed... I was looking forward to reading them but I can't start with the second one, right??!


brandy said...

AHHH! First of all, I'm going to be that annoying person who says YOU MUST READ THESE BOOKS IMMEDIATELY!!

I promise you, I'm not one of those nuts who has a spare owl and buys the $350 Harry Potter wand on Ebay, but they are strangely addicting.

With that said, I only skimmed the first book. Really. I could NOT get into it at all and honestly couldn't understand what the big deal was surrounding the series. The first book is by far the worst of the lot, so I definitely say skip it. However, if you really feel like you should read it to get a feel of the series (I can't believe I just said that sentence, I sound very intense right now), email me and I can send you my copy.

Because Harry Potter is definitely something that is worth sending stuff in the mail over.

Globus said...

buy the first one from ebay, job done. although brandy's offer is just as good. these things need to be done in sequence.

globus ain't read the books either. alas, not time to read.

Lesli said...

I have never read a single word of any Harry Potter book either. BUT I got the first book from our company library, but never started it...and then someobdy else wanted to borrow it, so I returned it to the library. Not sure I will ever get around to Harry Potter, but if you like the books, let me know. We have similar taste!

Caz said...

I think you'd have to read them in order. The 1st book gives you a basis for what's used in many later books. It's not crucial as they re-explain some details, but it helps with the whole picture.

I've read and enjoyed all the Harry Potter books, but I'm by no means a crazy fanatic about them like some people are. I think they were a great series to re-introduce the joy of reading to many people.

Fresh Off the Farm said...

I read the first book and maybe even the second and liked them but obviously did not obsess over finishing the series!

P.S. Love the new layout!

Sicilian Mama said...

Hi! I'm over here from Airam's introduction for the book blog thingie. I see you're a midwest girl...I'm in the state to the West of you.

I'm going to pretty much agree with everything Brandy says. You must read the books. And yeah - you can start with the second book...they rehash everything about the first book in the second book anyway. Also, don't fear the rehasing...they really only do that in the first couple of books...after book 3, they get right into the storylines, which I appreciate.

However, don't listen to Brandy about the spare owl...she actually has two of them.

Amber said...

I think it's unanimous. I must read the Harry Potter series! I think I need to read the first one... I fear that I feel like I will be missing out if I don't, lol! :)
Brandy, thank you so much on offering to send me a copy! If I can't find my sister or dad's copy I may take you up on that or just purchase it from Ebay or like Globus said. Thanks everyone! I'm excited to get going!
I'll be sure to keep ya'll posted on my progress! ;)

brandy said...

The owl thing was supposed to be a secret. I only bring it out when I'm going to my Harry Potter meetings.

Okay seriously? I hate that you never know if someone is joking on the internet.

Amber said...

I'm so behind on reading right now! I cannot wait for summer so I can lay by the pool and read! One of my FAVORITE things to do ever! =)

For now the Harry Potter series has proudly taken up residence on the top shelf of my bookshelf!

I promise I will get to it, it might be this summer but I WILL read them eventually! *LOL*