Monday, March 19, 2012

Tales from Substitute Teaching (3)

Well, this isn't a story about subbing, but it is a story about one of the clients I work with as a counselor at a local non-profit agency.

*a little background* 
I work for a non-profit that serves adults with intellectual disabilities as a residential counselor. So, basically I go into their home and assist them with their day to day living activities and life goals. 

On Saturday I was working with a young twenty something guy, that loves country music. Whenever I have one of the clients in my car I will ask them what they want to listen to and try to find something like that. This day he requested Jason Aldean. When I turned on Spotify (one of the best music apps out there) I had on Carrie Underwood. The rest of the conversation went like this....

Him: "Do you have any Jason Ald---- ohhhhh, Carrie Underwood!"

Me: "Yep! Do you like her music?"

Him: "Oh yeah. Carrie Underwood .... she's perfect," with a wistful look on his face...

Boys, will be boys. ;)


  1. Ohhhh, boys! :) Although, Carrie Underwood is definitely cute! lol

  2. They will ALWAYS be boys. I work with a lot of older "gentlemen" who are still really just 12 year old boys with old faces.


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